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Our purpose
Equal investment opportunities, no matter your income level or location.
Our mission
To create a social investment platform that connects fund managers with investors worldwide. A platform that offers sophisticated tools for detecting high-quality services and allows its users to share their experiences and recommendations. A platform that belongs to its community.
How and why it all started

Our Story

Founded in 2018 by friends Bart, Rafay, and David; Zignaly has grown to over 30 employees worldwide who are passionate about connecting and empowering the best pro traders and everyday investors.

Through our collective passion for Blockchain and DeFi, we hope to steward a new paradigm of social investing where the field is level, the rules are fair, and everyone gets the same chance to profit.
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Zignaly launches a closed beta and reaches $1 million USD in trading volume during the first weeks.
Zignaly launches a Copy Trading feature for Binance and KuCoin.
Zignaly launches the Profit Sharing model, laying the foundation for social crypto investing.
Zignaly launches the ZIG Coin, raising $3m in a private sale, to further accelerate our growth.
Zignaly secures $50m in additional funding from top investors to fuel its global expansion, new products & partnerships — securing our spot as the leader of the Social Investing revolution.
Zignaly introduces Profit Sharing 2.0. This new version features a sleek interface, advanced tools for crypto traders, and a fair accounting system that benefits all investors.
Our faces

Meet our team

Bart R. Bordallo
Co-Founder and CEO
David Rodríguez
Co-Founder and CMO
A. Rafay Gadit
Co-Founder and CFO
Natalia Ávila
Product Manager
Ehsan Sheikh
Business Analyst
Matias Curros
Head of Traders Success
Ellen Maier
Human Resources
Ruth Vazquez
Head of Support
Adrian Pinilla
Security and Systems Engineer
Cem Sunbul
Social Media
Gerardo Bello
Victor Vera
BE Developer
Christophe Wagner
FE Developer
Owvais Shah
Business Analyst

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Invest alongside top digital asset managers
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