And not only futures but also shorting and leverage! Since today, you create Zignaly Exchange accounts type futures or spot (the spot is the normal one and default that we have been operating since the beginning). Also, you can connect Binance futures accounts.

For testing this, you could use paper trading, our internal demo account, but there is a new option even better, you can create a testNet account on Binance futures, get the API keys from there and add them in Zignaly:‌

Those options are at the bottom, once you log in, you will see them.

Just be sure that you select futures and also Test Net, otherwise the keys will fail.

Once you have your new exchange account set up, you are ready to start testing it.

Go to the trading terminal, choose your new exchange account, and operate as you usually do. The only difference is that selecting a “futures” exchange account will modify the entry section and will show you the option for LONG  or SHORT and also a Real Investment input. If you choose SHORT, then all the remaining parts are inverted, stop loss become a positive value, take profit a negative one…

You can adjust the leverage at the top, just at the right of the symbol selection, if you click there, you can set whatever leverage you want:

Adjusting the leverage will modify the values from your entry section. The Real Investment is the amount that you are leveraging, so the final Position Size will be Real Investment x Leverage. As you probably know, the Real Investment here doesn’t mean anything, your entire balance would be expose, if the price goes in the opposite direction, you could be liquidate and your entire balance wiped out. Futures is even riskier than spot market.

Another way of playing with this is through the signals. You can use your script or services like TradingView.

One example of a signal for a LONG position:

    <p>And this one would be for SHORT:</p>

type=entry‌‌ exchange=binance‌‌ exchangeAccountType=futures‌‌ side=short‌‌ orderType=market‌‌ leverage=25‌‌ stopLossPercentage=5 takeProfitPercentage1=-10‌ takeProfitAmountPercentage1=100‌ signalId=xxxxx02

Notice how the type has changed. We now use entry instead of buy, and also, the values from the parameters need the appropriate symbol. You can send the leverage, however you need to accept the option of getting the leverage from the signal, in the provider’s options.‌

An exit signal would look like this:‌‌


In the following days, signals’ providers and copy-traders service will appear, so you will be able to connect your futures account to them.

We hope you like it!