As we mentioned in our previous article, we are gonna pay back the total amount paid to Zignaly 1.5 times.

Are we crazy?

A little bit more than $100k (remember that you can check our numbers in our transparency page), $150k, having into consideration that we’ll pay back 1.5 times your paid amount, so maybe yes ?. And it’s not that we don’t need them, but with giving back this amount we wanna achieve two goals:

  1. As we say in the video, it’s not fair for those of you who supported us during our start, that now that we have a more finished product, we give it for free. So our first goal is to have our users happy. Users first always!
  2. The second one is simple. We wanna incentivize the usage of Zignaly Exchange.

How does it work?

In the incoming weeks, for those of you have ever paid something to Zignaly, will have a new tab with your paid balance 1.5 times.


Imagine that you had the last subscription, which was $15.99/month, and you have been paying since five months ago. Your total paid amount would have been $79.95, 1.5 times that amount is $119.93. So you will see this amount, $119.93, in the new cashback view that we are preparing.

Since Apr 1st, we’ll have into consideration the trading fees that you pay from your positions between all Zignaly Exchange accounts.

Let’s say you traded a total volume of $100,000 with your Zignaly Exchange account during April. Zignaly Exchange, powered by Binance, uses their same fees structure, so 0.075%.

The total amount of paid fees would have been $100,000 * 0.075% = $75. On May 1st, Zignaly will deposit in your Zignaly Exchange account the 20% of that amount, meaning $15. Then your cashback balance will go down from $119.93 to $104.93.

This operation will be repeated month after month until your cashback balance is $0, is for that reason that we encourage you to take a yearly subscription now because whatever amount you buy now, you will have 1.5 times that amount in fee discounts.

Please, understand that we can’t refund your total amount directly. The only way to get this cashback is in the form of a trading fee discount.

How can you buy more than one month?

You may have noticed that our membership page doesn’t have the option to pay directly with Paypal anymore. You still can pay through Paypal, but you need to do it through CoinPayments. To acquire one full year (or whatever amount of months you decide), you need to specify in the quantity input the number of months that you wanna buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to move my funds to Zignaly Exchange?

It’s optional to use it or not, but we’ll launch a bunch of new features only available to Zignaly Exchange users.

Will all the fees from all exchange accounts be counted?

No, we’ll only count the fees generated from all your Zignaly Exchange accounts. So in order to get your discount it’s needed to use this exchange. Anyway, the fees will be exactly the same fees than using Binance directly (plus discount).

Where I’ll receive my cashback?

We’ll credit the 20% of your paid fees directly to your Zignaly Exchange account once per month, starting April 1st, till your cashback amount is over. (1.5 times what you paid).

I need to do something? Or it’s automatically?

As we’ll only count the fees of the Zignaly Exchange accounts, yes you’ll need to create your account and use it together with your bot, following copy traders, or trading manually, in order to be eligible and get your cashback as fee discount.

How can I open my Zignaly Exchange account?

To create the Zignaly Exchange account and move funds to trade, just create the account by adding a new exchange from the Settings view. The only thing you need to do is fill the selects and click on “Add new exchange” button.

 How can I send funds to my Zignaly Exchange account?

Go to the Balance view, select the proper exchange and go to the Deposit tab. You’ll see the option to select the desired coin and the deposit address will be generated and visible on the same view. Just send your funds to the proper address.

Be sure you only send funds to the proper address, by selection the coin first. We’ll not be able to recover you funds if you send to an incorrect address.

We hope that you like our initiative, is our way to say thank you for the supported months that you have been with us. If you need further clarification, feel free to leave a comment or reach us out in Discord.