The most requested feature from all our users and it’s finally here, a copy trading service for Binance (full crypto) and KuCoin, to copy automatically successful crypto traders. 100% Hands-off, No settings, No hassle.

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It’s possible to avoid any settings? Yes…

Most users come to our platform with the aim to get some profits from their cryptocurrency assets, but they find that even with the option to use signal providers, it’s still needed to save the correct settings, calculate the correct position size and manage the risk. It seems that this part is like an entry barrier and we at Zignaly want to avoid this thing as much as possible.

Almost daily we get questions in our support ticket system asking for help to set the correct settings, even the recommended ones by the signal providers, asking about what each option is and how to decide the best values based on their balance, assets, etc., and most of the times they don’t have the needed knowledge to understand some concepts that make difficult for them.

There is a growing amount of people that want to start getting profit but don’t have any info about how it works and some basic concepts like position size, stop loss, etc. and we wanted to have a solution for all of them.

Here is where the “Copy Trading” feature comes to play. This extremely well accepted by the users and the expert crypto traders feature comes to solve this pain and create a 100% hands-off solution for all those users with zero knowledge about crypto and trading, or just don’t want to put their time to take care of it.

Just copy the activity of successful traders on your account automatically, with the click of a button.

The 3 simple steps to start using the Copy trading feature

How to copy successful cryptocurrency traders

The process is really easy. But let me explain the steps you need to take to use this feature.

  • Check the list of traders to copy: Going to Providers / Copy Trading
  • Enable a trader and set your allocated balance
  • That’s it!

As you can see you don’t need to save settings, adjust position size or even manage the positions later, all this keeps on the copy trader side, and it’s 100% automated for you as usual on copy trading.

Be sure you check the past results of the trader to copy before enabling it. We have a manual filter to avoid list traders that don’t have a long-term profitable strategy, but we encourage you to always check on your side.

How it works internally

Our copy trading service uses always proportional position size. This means that you’ll always get the same % results than the expert trader you are copying.

Let’s say the copy trader has allocated a total of 0.1 BTC and you have only 0.01 BTC.

If he opens a position with 10% of the balance, he’ll use 0.01 BTC and the position opened on your account will be with 0.001 BTC.

If he get a profit of +10% when this position closes, you’ll have the same profit +10%, but based on your balance. As simple as that.

Each copy trading account has a minimal amount to copy, based on the trader strategy. You just need to allocate this amount or more when you enable it.

Real results using crypto trading

Let’s share some results testing some of the current traders that are already in our platform.

Trading results with the Cryptopunk copy trading provider

Trading results using the Blockchain Sparrows Titanium copy trading provider

What is the cost of this service?

The list of copy traders is growing and we already have successful traders for Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, and USDT as quote or base currency. Each copy trader put his price to copy them. Right now there are some free traders and the highest price is $35/mo. Anyway, most of them have a free trial period, so you can try them for free to test.

We don’t get any commission from there, this payment is 100% for the copy trader.

In order to use the platform, our current beta price is $15.99, with unlimited exchanges and unlimited accounts from each. Right now we are only integrated with Binance and KuCoin.

We plan to include soon at least one exchange that lets our users play with real shorting and leverage, like Bitmex or ByBit, but we don’t have for now an estimated time of arrival.

How can I try the copy trading feature?

You just need a Zignaly account and to follow the steps listed before. Right now we have a 30-Day Free trial, so you can take advantage of it and use this feature free of charge for one entire month (the platform).

Signup now! – Get your 30-Day free trial

This offer will not last forever, use our trial and the copy trading trials to check by yourself without any cost.

Now your turn, what you think about our new feature? Do you have any suggestions or doubts? We’ll be happy to count on your feedback.