Here we are with a new infographic with the top traders of September in this case. We’ll continue with this series to show the potential of the platform and the copy traders connected to Zignaly.

This ranking was generated with the data from September 1st 2020 to September 30th 2020 and we extracted information regarding each of the traders, like total return in the last month, number of copiers, average trades per week, the average holding time, their pricing (subscription fee), ect.

We want to share the results and let you know how it’s easy to get possitive results in the long term by copying experienced traders, that makes the hard work for you.

So let’s go with the results of September and congratulations to the top Traders!

Our Trading Star this month is Darkcryptolord, again in the top 3 for the third time!, with a very interesting return of impressing 44.37% and growing happy followers! Happy to see such a positive impact. Thank you for the hard work!

September Ranking below:

General TOP summary

1st Darkcryptolord (BTC)

  • Total Return 44.37% from allocated
  • Total Followers 549
  • Subscription Fee $50/mo
  • Minimum investment 0.1 BTC

2nd Marquinos Binance Futures (USDT)

  • Total Return 16.12% from allocated
  • Total Followers 2
  • Subscription Fee $80/mo
  • Minimum investment 500 USDT

3rd Trend Surfares (USDT)

  • Total Return 6.54% from allocated
  • Total Followers 131
  • Subscription Fee $10/mo
  • Minimum investment 100 USDT

Top by Coin

On the TOP by coin, some of the previous trader are the ones with better results too:

Best trader for BTC another month in row: Darkcryptolord

Best trader for USDT: Marquinos Binance Futures

Best trader for ETH another month in row: Wavetrend Copy Trading ETH

  • Total Return 1.91% from allocated
  • Total Followers 59
  • Subscription Fee $7.5/mo
  • Minimum investment 2 ETH

Best trader for BNB: Wavetrend Copy Trading Bnb – Binance

  • Total Return -7.24% from allocated
  • Total Followers 92
  • Subscription Fee $7.5/mo
  • Minimum investment 20 BNB

Long-term special mention

We made an special metion to the oldest most profitable copy traders:

Elite Trading BNB with a total of +158.01% from March 2020

Omega Algoritm with a total of +93.77% from March 2020

Alpha with a total of +68.75% from March 2020


As you can see, some of the traders of the previous period are again in this top, so you can make an idea of who is more stable with gains and loses in the long term. Anyway we always encourage to diversify among different traders that match your criteria and their strategy sounds good to you.

Now is your turn, what do you think about these results? Is there anything missing about them in your opinion, for our next releases of this monthly ranking? We’ll love to know your feedback.