As a first step in order to show the potential of the platform and the copy traders connected to it, offering his services to be copied, we’ve generated a top among our best traders, a kind of Leaderboard organized by category.

This ranking was generated with the data from July 13th 2020 and August 13th 2020 and we extracted information regarding each of the traders, like total return in the last month, number of copiers, average trades per week, the average holding time, their pricing (subscription fee), ect.

But the idea behind this ranking is to share the results and let others know how it’s easy to get positive results in the long term by copying experienced traders, that make the hard work for you.

Something to take into account regarding the return is the fact that by the nature of the trading, they have almost always open positions, so for the purpose of this top we made the math calculating the total return based on the return from closed positions and the current result of open positions (floating), so it will be like if you close all your positions now, what will be the real return.

Another thing to take in consideration is the minimum investment. This is the smaller amount that the trader allow to copy him. Lets say a trader set that the minimum amount is $500 USDT, so you’ll only able to copy him with this amount or more. Some traders has big minimums, to minimize the risk, playing with small amount investment from the total allocated. This is part of their strategy.

General TOP summary

1st Darkcryptolord (BTC)

  • Total Return 125.93% from allocated
  • Total Followers 139
  • Subscription Fee $50/mo
  • Minimum investment 0.1 BTC (About $1180 now)

2nd Cryptopunk Futures

  • Total Return 67.08% from allocated
  • Total Followers 433
  • Subscription Fee $45/mo
  • Minimum investment 100 USDT

3rd Cryptolivermore Altcoins (Updated)

  • Total Return 52.75% from allocated
  • Total Followers 14
  • Subscription Fee $30/mo
  • Minimum investment 2000 USDT

Top by Coin

On the TOP by coin, some of the previous trader are the ones with better results too:

Best trader for BTC: Darkcryptolord

Best trader for USDT: Cryptopunk Futures

Best trader for BNB: Cryptojoker Copy BNB

  • Total Return 11.49% from allocated
  • Total Followers 253
  • Subscription Fee $7/mo
  • Minimum investment 10 BNB (About $230 now)

Long-term special mention

We made an special metion to the oldest most profitable copy traders:

Cryptojoker Copy BNB with a total of +55% from september 2019

Blockchain Sparrows Titatnium with a total of +32% from september 2019

Ritoku Trendalist with a total of +15% from september 2019


With this amazing results, is every easy to diversify a portion of your capital to invest using this copy-trading option and minimize your risk while getting good profit as passive income with crypto.

Now is your turn, what do you think about these results? Is there anything missing about them in your opinion, for our next releases of this monthly ranking? We’ll love to know your feedback.