If you are a crypto trader, probably you already hear about KuCoin, one of the biggest exchanges out there. The volume is more than $25m per day; it supports more than 400 markets and has more than 5 million users.

You can buy/sell cryptocurrencies directly from their platform and trade with margin.

A quick summary of Zignaly: Is a copy-trading platform that connects expert crypto-traders with people who don’t know how to trade or don’t have the time to do it. It allows you to choose one expert and quickly start following it. Once you are following an expert, anything it does in its account would be replicate (proportionally) in yours.

KuCoin and Zignaly have partnered to bring the copy-trading functionality to the already attractive set of KuCoin’s resources and bring these resources to the Zignaly’s community.

KuCoin: Account Creation.

The process takes less than 10 seconds. Visit KuCoin, and click on the Sign-Up button at the top right.

It will ask you for your email, where they will send you a code, and once you insert the code, they will ask you the password, and that’s all.

You will need to fund your account; you can choose between buying cryptos directly there or sending the funds from another source. Once you have the funds on KuCoin, don’t forget to transfer them to your Trading Account.

Zignaly: Account Creation.

Again a quick process; visit Zignaly, and insert your email and password. You will see the dashboard where you can start the configuration.

How to connect KuCoin and Zignaly.

Kucoin API Access Creation.

First, we need to create our API access on KuCoin. Click on your account menu and look for the API Management item.  

If you haven’t done yet, you will need to set the two-factor authenticator with Google or through SMS. Also, you will need to set a trading password.

Click on the Create API button, choose a name and a passphrase (you will need this passphrase for connecting Zignaly later).

You will need to confirm the creation with the three security measurements that KuCoin provides.

Now you will see your Key and Secret, which you will need to connect Zignaly. Be sure you write down your Secret string, you won’t see it again, and if you lose it, you will have to create new API access.

The last step here is to grant trading permissions, not transfer, only general (checked by default) and trading. You will need to confirm the change with your trading password.

Also, be sure you don’t share your Key, Secret or Passphrase with anybody (the ones from the screenshot are already deleted).

Zignaly API Connection.

Now that you have your key, secret, and passphrase, you are ready for connecting KuCoin with Zignaly.

Go to your settings view and choose KuCoin in the exchange selector. Be sure you have “Add an account” in the next selector, and fill the remained fields.

The internal name is for you only. Zignaly allows you to add as many KuCoin accounts as you want, so you could use the internal name to identify them.

Zignaly will try to connect to your KuCoin account with the provided access; if it works, you will see a green message telling that the connection was success. Otherwise, you’ll see an error.

Nothing else needs to be done in the settings section.

Enabling a Copy-Trader

Go to the providers’ view, and there click on the Copy Trading tab.

Copy-Trading services are per coin. So if you have your balance on BTC, you need to choose one that works with BTC.

Once you have selected one that suits you, click on it and you’ll see the configuration page. The only parameters that you have to set are the max allocated balance, meaning that the copy-trader will never use more than this balance and the exchange that you want to use.

Click on Connect, and that’s all you are set.

Checking Your Activity

The dashboard will show you your current open positions. You will see how much balance the copy-trader used for this position, if it placed any take profit, if it configured any stop loss, trailing stop loss, etc.

Once a position is sold, you will see it in the Logs section, with a quick summary of the sell like the profit, how it was sold, the fees, etc.

Regarding the fees, remember that if you enable your KuCoin account to pay fees with KCS, you will have a discount. This discount could make a big difference in your account, so be sure you enable it and have some KCSs.

There is a third way of checking your results, which is the Analtyics view.

Zignaly is the only copy-trading platform that offers full transparency. The Analytics view shows you not only how you have being perfoming, but also, it shows you how the copy-traders are performing in general, having into consideration the positions of all their followers.

Share Your Results

Because your account would be 100% managed, nothing else needs to be done from your side. Feel free to join and share your results in the Zignaly Discord group and KuCoin Telegram group.

If you are an expert trader and want to allow other users to follow you, feel free to reach us, and we’ll be happy to include you.