While we have experienced several exciting moments and milestones over the 3+ years since we have started Zignaly, none have been as exciting as the amazing developments that went on in the month of March.

A lot has happened behind the scenes, and we want to bring our community up to speed! Here’s a recap of what we’ve accomplished in Q1 2021, and what we’re looking forward to in the near future.

Zignaly Raises $3 Million from Some of the Biggest Institutional Investors and Digital Asset Exchanges in crypto

We kicked off the year by finalizing our plans for Zignaly insurance, the world’s first NFT based insurance protocol; designed to give our users the ability to insure up to 100% of their investments made on Zignaly.

To help bring this amazing platform feature into fruition, we have secured private investment from some of the industries most powerful investors including Parataxis Capita’, Okex’s Block Dream Venture Fund, AscendEX (formerly BitMax) and several others.

We are so excited to be working with such an impactful group of investors who understand our vision for Zignaly. As we move ahead with our R&D and technical information, we will have lots of exciting news to share. Make sure you sign up for our mailing list so you can be the first to see these updates!

Zignaly’s Copy Trading & Profit Sharing Services Continue to Outperform Expectations

Simply put, the expert traders on Zignaly are generating returns that are outperforming some of the most sophisticated funds in the industry; we have been minting more money for our investors thanks to our amazing roster of pro traders and we owe them a huge thanks!

Looking at the chart above, we can see that the profit sharing pool is inching towards the $1 million milestone, with over 50% of the profits being accumulated in March! Over the last 2 months, the profit sharing feature is responsible for an additional 700 million in trading volume, we could not have imagined a better start to our profit sharing service and the platform’s feedback and growth have been amazing!

At this rate we will move well past the $1 million dollar mark before the end of April, the next stop is $10 million!

Zignaly announces ZIG coin and insurance to usher in a new era for social investing

As we recently announced, we have raised $3 million from some of the most respected crypto VC’s in the industry. The proceeds from this investment will be used to improve our profit sharing service as we unveil ZIG coin and ZIG insurance; our new ecosystem token, and NFT based insurance protocol. While we will be unveiling tons of educational material over the next few weeks, here is a quick intro into this revolution insurance feature.


ZIG coin is the gateway to the Zignaly ecosystem which is built on the ERC-20 token standard. ZIG is used to facilitate all services running on the Zignaly platform, including our NFT based Insurance protocol. ZIG gives Zignaly more intractability with our users, we will be able to offer insurance contracts on all profit sharing investments, give additional bonuses to our users, as well as offer governance roles, loyalty programs, as well as liquidity mining and other DeFi features. With tons of new services on the horizon, ZIG is the entry point into the entire Zignaly ecosystem.

ZIG Insurance:

The primary function of ZIG is to act as the unit of exchange across our NFT-insurance protocol. This means that users will be able to both purchase insurance NFTs and claim their policy coverage using ZIG.

With ZIG Insurance, investors are able to safely trade crypto by insuring between 10-100% of the funds invested through Zignaly’s profitsharing feature. This NFT based Insurance Protocol is designed with 4 layers:

  • ZIG which acts as the unit of exchange across the product landscape.
  • NFTs which are the digital representation and tracking system of the smart-contract based insurance system.
  • The Drawback Percentage which is a dynamic formula used to determine when an insurance policy needs to be triggered.
  • The Fund Value Formula which ensures the exposure of the insurance fund is never above the total value of insurance policies active at any time.

These 4 layers create a passively-managed insurance fund that will never over-extend itself and take on more risk than it is capable of handling, all while protecting users through events of mass volatility and subsequent liquidation.

What’s Next

With our new private investment, Zignaly has unlocked a plethora of new opportunities. We are excited to announce that ZIG will open up for trading on April 15th. While we cannot disclose the name of the exchange yet we are thrilled to say that they are a tier-1 centralized exchange who has the liquidity, experience, and knowledge to help us grow the Zignaly ecosystem to reach new users all over the world.

We will be participating in lots of AMA’s and media opportunities so make sure to join to our ZIG mailing list and catch up on all of our upcoming events!