Did you know there are actually two ways to create revenue on Zignaly?

The first way is pretty obvious – you make great trades and increase the value of your portfolio. Sounds easy enough, right? As a trader, that’s your bread and butter.

The other way is a little less obvious, and probably seems a little less natural – you build your following on the platform.

As you may have seen, one of Zignaly’s automation options is copying “top-performing traders”. This feature is mostly targeted at rookie investors and means their account will automatically match the activity of the trader they are following. Not only is this great for the person following (their investment is basically managed for them), it’s also a win for the top trader, who is rewarded with extra income based on the overall equity copying them.

In fact, there are some Zignaly users who, in addition to getting great returns on their trades, pull down a serious income from their “Popular Investor” status. However, while it may seem like these two things are linked (i.e. the higher performing your portfolio, the more other investors will want to follow you), that’s not always the case.

Growing your following – and ultimately, your audience – can be a challenge and takes real, considered effort. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here are our top tips for maximizing your Zignaly revenue by building your profile as a Popular Investor.

Tip #1: Be unique, loud, and proud

When it comes to choosing who to copy, rookie investors usually look at more than just an investor’s returns. Often, they have a greater aversion to risk than more seasoned investors and want to know that their money is in safe hands. Many also want an opportunity to learn and grow as an investor and look for lessons from leaders in the field.

Acknowledging this, providing regular updates can be one of the most effective ways to grow your following. Whether it’s sharing elements of your investment strategy, offering some insight into market movements, or just talking about who you are and what you stand for; it all gives your potential followers a chance to connect with you. And, the more investors connect with you, the more like they are to invest in you – both emotionally and financially.

However, there are a couple of important caveats here: · There is no shortage of general investment advice out there, so you need to provide something special to get, and hold, people’s attention. People love the feeling of exclusivity, so provide something that they can’t get anywhere else. This doesn’t have to be difficult, just be uniquely you and people will gravitate toward that. · While the information and insight you provide your followers must be valuable, it’s important to remember that you’re effectively giving it away for free. As such, you don’t want to give away too much. You need to think of yourself as a professional service – you’re here to help others achieve their goals, but you don’t want to help them so much that they don’t need you anymore. · You may be trying to appeal to as many investors as possible, but your voice still needs to be specific. Speaking to the masses will generalize your comments and make them seem less meaningful and valuable. However, if you have a clear voice that speaks credibly about new and interesting topics, you’ll not only attract a bigger audience, you’ll create a stronger rapport with your followers (potentially leading to referrals and bigger investments). · In addition to being clear, your voice also needs to be consistent. Consistency is what makes people come back for more – they know what to expect from you, they like what that is, and they want to see more. So, regardless of which social platforms you’re using (Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc.), and how often you post, make sure it all seems like it’s coming from the same person.

This may sound a little daunting, but it really shouldn’t be. You know you’re a great trader… make sure your audience knows it too!

And remember, trading is epitome of putting your money where your mouth is. It’s your opinions and conviction that make you successful as an investor. Sharing this with your followers is what will make them successful as a “Popular Investor”.

Tip #2: Look sharp and stay professional!

In many ways, your Zignaly profile is your greatest tool as a Top Trader. It’s how new investors find you and provides an introduction to you, your insights, and your strategy. As such, it’s important to take the time to get this right.

When putting together your profile, there are a few things you should make sure you show off: · Your experience: As previously mentioned, new traders tend to be more risk averse. As such, they want to know that you know what you’re doing, that you understand how to manage the ups and downs of the market, and that their money will be in safe hands with you. · Your personality: Promoting who you are and what makes you tick not only helps other traders connect with you, it can help you stand out from the crowd. By sharing your background and a bit of your personal history, you become more than just a “service” to your potential investors. · Your strategy: In addition to helping other traders work out whether their approach is aligned with yours, sharing your overall investment strategy makes it a longer-term game. This means that, when the lows come (and they will!), your followers are more likely to stick with you, knowing you have a plan to come out the other side.

Also, don’t be afraid to get in a little expert help. Whether it’s a professional photographer to take your profile pictures or a ghostwriter to sharpen up your content, a small investment can make a big difference.

Tip #3: Bring in people from the ‘real world’

If you’re a serious trader, it’s highly likely you’ve been asked for investment advice by friends and family. While this can get frustrating (how many times have you had to explain what Bitcoin is?), it’s also a great opportunity to build your followers.

So, next time you’re at a social gathering and someone starts fishing for trading tips, point them to Zignaly and suggest they copy you.

Tip #4: Be an active community member

One of the best ways to build your profile is to be a regular participant in the various Zignaly communication forums. This includes:

· The Zignaly news feed: Your news feed is the easiest way to share ideas and updates with other users of the platform. Through this channel you can answer questions posted by your followers, share your goals and strategies, and explain recent changes in your portfolio (e.g. why returns are up or down, trades you’ve made, etc.). It’s also a great way to stay across what other Popular Investors are doing and connect with other top traders.

· Zignaly Discord channel: Frequented by some of the most active and engaged traders, this channel is a great way to provide more detailed and exclusive content. Users of the Discord channel tend to be fairly savvy, so it’s important to make sure anything you share here is carefully targeted at this community and provides them with real value.

· Your own Discord channel: Discord is particularly good for providing customer service, as it’s extremely easy to have private conversations with community members (just click the member’s name to send a message directly to them). As such, you should consider setting up your own channel to make it easier to resolve customer issues and directly engage with your followers. If you have an established brand, your followers may have already set up such a channel for you, which you can easily tap into.

The Zignaly News Feed

Tip #5: Be clear about your targets

Every trader has a target. Maybe it gains of 20% over the next 12 months (that’s ambitious!), maybe it’s holding steady through a tough time for the market – whatever it is, let your potential followers know.

While you obviously can’t promise anything, setting realistic goals will help manage expectations for the performance of your portfolio. Your target will also provide context for your trading decisions and should make it easier to discuss the moves your making, if your followers have any questions about them.

Tip #6: Let us know how we can help

At Zignaly, we believe your success is our success, and are always happy to provide whatever support we can. So, if you have any questions or need help with anything, please let us know.

We’re always looking for ways to improve both our platform and the trader experience. If you have any suggestions for new functionality or things that would make your life easier, we’d love to hear them.

Also, we regularly promote Popular Investors through our blog and Discord channel. If you would like to be featured in either of these places, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do.