Many of you may have already seen the results from April. It has been the best month since we launched profit-sharing, and it has been reflected in my account. These results were expected given the trajectory of our traders. But I wouldn’t have imagined that the prediction was still correct even when Bitcoin fell 20% and liquidated more than $10B worldwide. Our traders even made profits during the crash:

Also, on top of the crash, just a few hours of the sudden dump, we suffered a DDoS attack, and we noticed time-outs trying to reach the exchange API, so the system didn’t work as expected. Services suffered more significant losses than expected; some services were even liquidated (however, Zignaly compensated these liquidations in profit-sharing services), but I’m impressed how they have recovered those losses.

Monthly Income Statement: April 2021

Again the same spreadsheet, only until the new view is ready.

And then we have month after month:

I already included some spot services, probably in the worse time ever. However, I’m confident that they will recover the losses, and I don’t have any problem because the rest of the portfolio has covered the losses.

My Portfolio:

AMOM – Spider Bot

I’ve been increasing the balance, and so far, so good.

Algo Scalping and Easy Scalper

Nobody likes when they hold long positions in losses, but they have survived the crash, with almost nothing in floating. At least during this bullish market, one of the most profitable services in my portfolio.

Crypto Greenhouse

I am wondering if the service will scale with more capital. Given current results, we can expect new investors will be joining this service soon.


The spot service has been performing pretty well until I started to follow them, lol. Also, this month, the futures’ service has been horrible. However, I still have confidence in the trader, he keeps communicating, and everything goes as he describes in his strategy. The communication is excellent, which is one factor that gives me the confidence to keep following him even when the results don’t look sexy.


I increased my capital here, and it’s providing good results 18.45% for this month, great!

Delta-Blue Strategy

Not too much to say because it has been three days connected to the service. However, I like how the trader runs the service, communicating, controlling the risk, etc. He is already launching a clone version because he can’t accept more than a certain amount of capital based on his strategy and limits on Binance. I like that he has this covered.

Digicrypto Futures

This service is one of the most constant and stable that I follow. Last month didn’t work well for it, but the recovery has been remarkable.

Elon Musk

The only profitable spot service that I’m following. The trajectory has been excellent, so I expect it to be an essential asset in my portfolio.

Favorites PS

The last spot service that I’m following. It looks like I didn’t start at best possible time, but let’s see how it performs in this new month.

Hiper Dip Scalper

One of the most harmed services because of the DDoS attack and Binance API issues, but it has still ended the month with a positive return and 0 floating.

Kiwicrypto Profit Sharing Pro

This service was liquidated during the market crash. I investigated the case and found out that the stop loss didn’t work when it should have worked. We refunded the account, and when I saw the results, I decided to start following it.

Medallion Spartan

Last month I considered stopping following them. They are stable and constant, but I have too much capital there, and I thought it could be reallocated in other services more active and profitable. Looking at this month’s results, I’m glad I didn’t disconnect.

Shaka Zulu Futures

This is a clear example of strategies not scaling correctly, at least not until Zignaly has the providers’ API ready. Let’s see if, once it’s prepared, it can recover its splendor.

Trend Surfers

I think that this service can perform in any market condition. Proof of it is that it was one of the few services (from my portfolio) that, during the days after the crash, instead of holding bags of losing positions, had several shorts positions in profits.

Next moves

I’ll keep increasing my capital in services that give me good returns without taking too much risk and that can handle more capital (which is the big problem that I’m detecting in many strategies). I didn’t have much time to review the marketplace, but I’ll see if there is something to try if found the time.

Final thoughts

Taking into consideration that it is 100% passive income, $1,318.87 looks exciting. It’s clear to me that the index solution and a good view for seeing the portfolio’s performance is a must.

How did your portfolio perform for you during April? I would love to know other people’s reviews.

Disclaimer: The information from this article and analysis is for informational purposes only. This report is not investment or financial advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.