We keep recovering losses from last May; I added more capital, and the services that remained in my portfolio performed very well. Less is more. The total return from last month was 5.82%.

Monthly Passive Income Statement: Aug 2021

Another good option about having a small portfolio is that I can prepare the statement much faster. Also, I moved everything (spot and futures) under the same account, making it even more comfortable to manage.Remember that you can check the spreadsheet here.


Five different traders, ten total services. My portfolio has been reduced a lot since I started. I’m pleased with the current services. I increased the balance in all of them, even those that were in losses.

Special mention to Crypto Livermore, who has shown how to run a service (or two). I enter into his service at the worse possible time, and I suffered several losses. However, the trader gives me a lot of confidence, and his explanations (and numbers) were reasonable. I maintained the service and increased the capital, which helped me recover all the losses in his services and make excellent profits. Another exciting thing is that looking at how the trader manages the service, I don’t see a problem handling significant capital. His strategy would work just the same, which doesn’t happen with most of the services.

Other than that, the rest of the services performed satisfactorily.

Next Moves

Not much to do, I may increase capital a little bit, but for sure, I won’t add any new service; I don’t see any mature enough. Well, to be fair, there is a great service in the marketplace, one of the first one, with more than 9 months of data and is offering excellent results: Trade For Impact. At first I didn’t wanted to use because I considered the succes fee was high (50%), but as I said, the results are great, so I’m reconsidering it. This is the top 10 for the spot market:

6 from 10 belongs to the trader, he has 12 in total and only one in losses:

Also, the trader is pretty active communicating with his followers. The problem that I have is the amount of services, if I want to get the most of the trader, I would have to split the balance between the 12 and keep an eye on the results to rebalance the capital between them. Zignaly needs to provide a solution for this.

Final Thoughts

If you check the Next Moves section from the last post, you will see that I mentioned I was considering adding a new service that was performing very well. Short Short Long. It had an impressive performance since May 19th. The chart was constantly growing. I was close to choosing it, but I wanted to see how the trader would perform in a different trend. The trend change happened, and the trader didn’t handle it properly, which liquidated the account.

As you can see the progression (since May) was amazing, reaching 629% positive return, but at the end, the trader hold losses with the hope that the market will be favorable to him and it wasn’t.