Very excited to write a new entry of my journey regarding passive income. During the past month there was one interesting event. On day 22nd, BTC went from more than $57,500 to $47700 during the day (almost -20%). Since then, it has been falling, being the lowest day yesterday (28th), reaching $43,000. I said “interesting event” because it allowed us to see how different services performed in a situation like this.

Monthly Income Statement: February 2021

Two of my services got liquidated, and I lost everything. Even with that, the profits from the remaining services compensated those losses. I have modified a little bit the format of the statement. Besides the monthly returns, I also include information covering the total since I started following the services.

My Portfolio

AMOM – Spider Bot

I included this service at the end of the month after reviewing its performance from day 22nd. It wasn’t affected by the BTC fall, and what’s equally important, it didn’t get any stuck position with huge losses. The progression is constant. It has been one of the few that has kept going up even after day 22nd. I have been just a couple of days, so I’ll give more time before increasing my balance here.

Algo Scalping 5x and Easy 5x Scalper

The return has been fantastic. However, these services have been the ones that have performed worse after day 22nd. The current floating is close to wiping out all the profits that have been generated. I don’t think that we would have the same problem that we had with WarChartLouis (liquidation), but I wish they would have handled differently the situation.

Cryptall – Stable Coins

I saw that they controlled pretty decently the dump of day 22nd, and I wanted to put some balance on it to see if they recover. It has kept going down, but slowly and with some open positions with exciting returns. Let’s see how it performs during March.

Cryptolivermore – BTC Futures

Not much to say during this month for this service. It has controlled the risk in a great way, and it’s waiting for the next trend.

Digicrypto Futures – Profit Sharing

Breakeven for this service. So we can tell that it can control its risk, let’s see if it can make profits outside of a bullish market.

Giga Bull

I started following these services (5 in total) this month. Overall they have performed well, with around a 12% positive return. Most of their services have controlled well the risk during the drop, which is very important.

Hiper Dip Scalper

The growth during these last 30 days has been constant. On day 22nd, they had a considerable drop of around -40%; however, they recovered in just a couple of days.


Overall, it was a good month for these four services, 12% positive return. They didn’t suffer too much during day 22nd, but they did during the whole month, but 12% with this month, I think it is impressive.

Samapatti Btc 12hr

I started following this service when I saw that it saw coming 22nd situation and it made a good profit just in that day. I think it was the only profit that it made during the month. If we check past performance (more than three months), the behavior is the same, almost the entire month idle, and then with a few trades, it makes a fantastic return.

Support Level Trading System

I started following this service at the worst possible time because it dropped as soon as I connected. Since the fall, it has been going up, slowly but continuously. Day 22nd wasn’t a big deal for it.

Trader 01

Just for testing.

Trend Surfers – Trend Following V2

Excellent month for this trend follower service. Almost 12%, detecting the trends and following them for a long time. This service is not attracting much attention because it doesn’t generate massive results from one day to the other, but the risk is excellently managed, and when the time comes, it makes all its profit. This is supposed to work in a bearish market too, really interested to see how this will perform in the long run.

Omega Futures

In the end it wasn’t able to recover the massive loss and got liquidated during one of the days that the exchange API was failing.


What everybody was expecting, in the end, happened. The service’s account got liquidated. This service barely had a description. It didn’t have more than one month of historical data and already gave some tips about what was gonna happen. So, here is a lesson for me to learn.

Next Moves

I think I’ll balance the allocated on those services that have more than one, so I’m sure I can get the most of them. I’ll keep watching the marketplace to see how services that I don’t have in my portfolio perform. I’ll follow the same approach that I did lately, which is to start following them with small amounts. I’ll also increase the balance on those that I feel are stable in results and control their risk.

Final Thoughts

My portfolio suffered two liquidations, but in the marketplace, there were some more. Luckily for me, I was well diversified, and the positive returns compensated the losses. This month (3.46%) has been better than the previous one (2.17%). I think it’s feasible to reach a 5% monthly return, but we have to keep in mind that investing is not a sprint; it is a marathon. I’m still waiting for functionality that allows me to connect to spot services from one single Zignaly account. That will give me a lot more options. Also, I think we need a better view that summarize our investments in profit sharing services.

Feel free to tell us how your portfolio has performed! Any suggestion for mine?

DisclaimerThe information from this article and analysis is for informational purposes only. This report is not investment or financial advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.