I think I’ve been the whole month waiting for preparing a new entry of the passive income entries. As you remember, December returns were impressive (17.93%), but we had a bullish market with BTC going to the moon. I wanted to see how the different services would perform in a different scenario. BTC reached its all-time high at the beginning of January, but it went down more than 25% after that. Below you will see a description of my portfolio and some comments from my connected services.

I forgot to mention; this month has been a challenge for all the traders. We have been dealing with an exchange API issue, which had seriously affected some positions and ended in losses. At this point, we have found a workaround, and the system is stable, with some impressive response times.

Monthly Income Statement: January 2021

This sheet shows a quick summary of my portfolio. You could say that 2.17% is not too impressive, but I would like to point out a couple of things. First, the fact that this month I have a positive return is terrific. As I was saying, there was a considerable fall in BTC, and we had technical issues. But on top of this, 2.17% is 26.04% annual return (even more if you reinvest your profits). I don’t know many options that give you a 26.04% yearly return.

My portfolio

Algo Scalping 5x and Easy 5x Scalper

I have been talking with the creators of these services, and they have an interesting theory behind their strategies. They may even maximize the return if we give them some functionalities that they are asking for.

BTC Futures – Profit Sharing

A couple of exciting things here, the first one is that all the profits came from a single position, which was opened during the whole month of December. It has been one of the longer and more successful rides I’ve seen in Zignaly. The second thing is that the return says 32.39%, but the truth is that the $32.39 profits belong to the initial balance (which was $40), so the real return was around 80%.

Digicrypto Futures – Profit Sharing

I think this service has been one of the most affected for all the technical issues that we have suffered in the platform during January. Still, he has recovered, ending the month in profit. Also, these guys are managing around $90k in the allocated balance between all the participants. They have been able to scale their strategy along with the increase of capital under management.

Ipsilion Trader – Profit Sharing

Other than the results, I can’t say much about this service, there is not much communication from their side.

Medallion Spartan

Based on the creators, it would be better to split your balance in all their services instead of putting it in just one, so you can diversify. I have such a small return in the Elite version because I connected at the end of the month. What I like about these services is the progressive growth that they show. So, no matter when you get in, you follow their trend.

Omega Futures

It started well but ended super bad. I have seen other services from this trader in copy-trading, and in the end, the service gets stable. Let’s see if here happens the same.

Trader 01

This service is for testing.

Trend Surfers – Trend Following V2

This month we had negative returns, but super controlled. The trader’s communication is excellent, and he explains his strategy in detail; I’m confident with his approach, and the risk is excellently managed, so waiting for the winners.

Ullr Trading – Profit Sharing

Again not much to say. There is no communication in the service’s feed.


So far, the results have been great. However, they have an open position that much should the market change to avoid losing all these good results and incur a significant loss.

Next moves

There is plenty of options in the marketplace, more than 50 services in the new profit-sharing section. Many of them will be three months old very soon and have proven a stable trajectory. My idea is to increase my invested capital to $10k, diversifying between the stable ones and maybe leaving a small amount for the new ones until I see more data from their side.

Final Thoughts

I find two big problems with this profit-sharing services. The first one is the number of options, which is fantastic (we have grown from 15 services to 52 in just one month), but at the same time, it requires you to spend more time investigating each one. For me, the returns are the window to look into a particular service and see if it transmit trust, so it requires some time. The second problem that I find is that I can’t help myself when I see a service with huge returns. I know that is super risky and that I probably will end losing everything, but still, I get in. I would love to have an option to protect me against myself and avoid having to spend time composing my portfolio.

How about your results? Any feedback that you can share from your experience?

DisclaimerThe information from this article and analysis is for informational purposes only. This report is not investment or financial advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.