A new profitable month, +2.20% after realizing losses from several services holding positions for a long time. I have been able to disconnect from them thanks to the new rules that we are applying. I think these new rules/actions are gonna benefits the community for good.

Monthly Passive Income Statement: Jul 2021

As always, super annoying to do the accounting of my portfolio, but the last approach is more realistic. I just realized today that I have several services with big retains, but I’ll leave them out for now.


I have disconnected almost all the spot services. Unfortunately, none has worked for me, and two of them were even banned from Zignaly (this is why I and nearly all their followers were able to disconnect).

The only spot service that I plan to keep is Crypto Livermore (the trader recommends following both services to get the most of his strategy). Still, I have disconnected it from my current account and connected from the futures one because now Zignaly allows connecting to any profit-sharing service type without considering from what kind of exchange account you are connecting. We are preparing a view much more sexy that will allow you to compare all the services you are connected to, so it’s good to have all of them in one account.

The guys from Algo/Easy Scalper are working in a new algo that it’s supposed to close positions sooner. Not sure if it’s a new service or it will apply to the current ones, but until then, I’ll be cautious, and even when they are the most profitable services that I have been following, holding losses is something that I don’t like and find risky.

Same for Medallion Spartan, they are recovering, but still, they are holding losses since Apr.

So my portfolio has been reduced to 10 services but managed by only five traders.

Next Moves

I keep increasing balance in the services that I have, maybe a recurring amount each month. I think the ones that I have now are very stable and knows how to manage the risk. Most of them have been operating since November last year, so we can see how they performed during a bull run, several crashes, and a flat market.

About Crypto Livermore, I’m adding more capital to it, even when I’ve been in losses since the beginning. However, I have considerable confidence in the trader and think that is a long-term play. The only reason why I’m in losses is that I didn’t follow his recommendations and didn’t connect to the spot service until it was too late.

I’m considering Short Short Long service since last month, but even when the results have been excellent during this flat market, I’m gonna be cautious and keep watching it.

Final Thoughts

We have more than eight months of profit-sharing data and can get some conclusions. The first one is that I think it is the right service for people looking for passive income. It allows you to forget about everything, just checking it once per month how it performed. But there is margin for improvement. I’m the first one that when I’ve seen a high-performing service, I have followed it right away. I have lost money with almost all of them.

I’m building a reliable and stable portfolio, but it has cost me seven months, and I’m still in losses. I’m optimistic that I’ll recover those losses and get a positive monthly income. Still, we can’t expect everybody to dedicate seven months to find out, first, that not losing money is more important than high returns and second, who are the best risk managers from the marketplace. Zignaly has to solve that problem for the users, and I think implementing the new rules is an excellent first step, but just one step from the task.

Disclaimer: The information from this article and analysis is for informational purposes only. This report is not investment or financial advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.