The fourth month since I started following profit sharing services. My current invested balance is $14,763.15, and I’ve made 7.26% profits so far. Right now, I have a portfolio with services that know how to control the risk, so no significant losses. I have tested a few new ones, and now is time to focus on generating more diversifying styles.

Monthly Income Statement: March 2021

I’m following the same spreadsheet as the last months, but I’m not happy with it. I can’t wait until Zignaly comes out with a good view that saves us time doing our versions.

However, I came out with another sheet that gives me a better understanding of what’s happening month after month, which is challenging to identify when you are rebalancing the allocation.

My Portfolio

AMOM – Spider Bot

It has been performing as well as the previous month. It’s already managing a total of $280k, which I’m detecting is becoming a challenge for many services. As Algo Scalping and Easy Scalper, they don’t usually close in losses, that’s the reason why in the last two weeks you don’t see much activity, because when there is a open position at certain lossing level, they stop trading in order to control the risk.

Algo Scalping 5x and Easy 5x scalper

They recovered the losses from the open positions in the last month, and they have ended with a good return. Still, you have to consider that they don’t usually close in losses and hold the positions until there is a good opportunity to exit it.

Cryptolivermore – BTC Futures

A month without much movement for this service, at least in the futures one. I was waiting for something to be built before connecting to spot profit-sharing services, but I think it’s better to don’t wait anymore.

Dchoice (Before it was Cryptall)

They recovered perfectly from the previous month and ended as one of the month’s most profitable services. They will grow in capital under management for sure, and we’ll have to see if they can manage it with the same performance.


There is an apparent decline in results since I started to follow them; I hope they can recover the excellent track.

Futures – Large Cap Profits

After seeing how they have performed in the last weeks, I decided to put a small amount and see what happens. It had ended well, even when it was just a few days. I may increase it a little bit. Also, I’ve been talking with the trader, and they could do better if Zignaly gives them some functionalities to control the number of concurrent positions.

Giga Bull

I wish there would be a better way to manage multi-services when the trader recommends following more than one. So you can avoid rebalancing. So far, I haven’t seen many results.

Hiper Dip Scalper

What I like about this scalper is that it closes the losses. I can’t tell this is a better practice than others, but I like it; Results also are excellent.

Medallion Spartan

As is happening with Digicrypto, there is an apparent decline in results, but still, they are profitable month after month. They may perform better in other market conditions, so I’ll leave them connected for now.

Smapatti Btc 12hr

Not sure if to use this server properly, I should follow all of the Smapatti services. I should have done more extensive due diligence on this one.

Shaka Zulu Futures

Like many others, I got excited when I saw this service’s results, 500% positive return. I was cautious and put $50 only. There has been a problem with the increase in capital under management. The results have declined significantly. But still, I got 10.76% (however, you need to watch the open positions in losses). We are preparing an endpoint so the trader can receive certain information so his algo-bot can act in consequence. This is something that the guy from Algo Scalping is waiting for too.

Support Level Trading System

Better results than last month, but still in losses.

Trend Surfers – Trend Following V2

It has indeed ended the month with -6.49%, but you need to understand a little bit how it works and expect this behavior. Losses are closed fast; winners tend to be opened for even months. If you check the current open positions return, there is enough to cover the closed ones’ losses.

Next Moves

I’ll remove some services to put allocate that balance to others that have performed better. I’m also adding some services from the spot market to my portfolio.

Final Thoughts

I keep debugging and building my portfolio, but I think each time, there will be fewer modifications. There are always new services for trying, but a small allocation for testing them should be enough. I’m still waiting for the new view so I don’t have to this tedious job each time I wanna see how the services performed at intervals of time, but I know it is coming 🙂

Disclaimer: The information from this article and analysis is for informational purposes only. This report is not investment or financial advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.