May hasn’t been a good month, not for my portfolio, not for the platform in general. BTC lost half its value in one week with a massive dump on day 19th, liquidating more than 50 services. I’m down for the first time since I started following profit-sharing services.

Monthly Passive Income Statement: May 2021

I have introduced several changes. For example, I think it is more interesting to measure the service’s value, considering the unrealized profits and losses. This value (more deposits minus withdraws) will be the starting balance of the following month.

I didn’t have much time to redo the previous months, but starting on this one, 2021/05 Return and Current Balance include open positions results, so there isn’t any other column for floating. BTW, this is the spreadsheet, in case you wanna take a look, but I’m not an excel guru, so probably there are better ways to do it.

The Portfolio:

I’ll stop commenting one by one and focus on the general portfolio unless something is worth telling about a certain one. Overall, I only had one profitable service (from 22), Trend Surfers – Trend Following V2 The service always maintains a low profile, not huge earnings, but excellent and constant progress. During the bull market that we were living in, it wasn’t easy to notice this service because there were so many others doing 100x more that it didn’t make sense. Still, out of 22 services in my portfolio during May, it’s one of the only four that remains profitable.

Digicrypto Futures is another service that deserves special attention. They ended the month almost without any losses (just -0.34%). In general, when they end in losses, these losses are very well controlled, but the return is way higher when they make profits.

I still have a couple more services on profit, but this month they suffered some losses, so let’s see how they perform when the bull market is over.

I suffered several liquidations, but luckily I was so diversified that I ended the month with -25.44% and -15.27% from the total. I consider myself lucky because it could have been much more severe.

Next Moves

I’m happy that I could survive so I can evaluate my options and prepare a more stable portfolio. I will remove any service (or combination of services) below a certain drawdown. For the risky ones that stay in the portfolio, I’ll move them to “withdraw” instead of “reinvest” to allocate that profit in more stable services.

Final Thoughts

As always, the amount of work you need to collect this data from the services and put it in a spreadsheet is a lot. Also, I’ve realized something, most of the liquidated services had the same strategy, so it is expected that if one fails, the others too, meaning I’m not well diversified. A risk score is needed, so I don’t have to figure out which service is riskier than the other.

Have you survived the last bloody May?

Disclaimer: The information from this article and analysis is for informational purposes only. This report is not investment or financial advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.