Here is another update of my Passive Income portfolio at Zignaly. Half of the services from my portfolio didn’t perform well, especially one of them, which made almost 10% losses. The other ones did pretty good, but not good enough for compensating all the losses. I ended the month with -1.73%

Monthly Passive Income Statement: Oct 2021

Overall, my current portfolio is doing pretty good, and I’ll be quite profitable if it wasn’t because of the liquidation that I suffered. I’m sure with current measurements from Zignaly and having better selection criteria, it will perform better. Still, this month was another step back, a small one.Remember that you can check the spreadsheet here.


I didn’t allocate new funds, again for lack of time. We can see again how Crypto Livermore is doing well again. He has launched a new service based on ETH, but I’ll wait a little longer to see how it performs. His BTC version, so far for me, hasn’t worked very well.

You may have noticed that the previous screenshot doesn’t include the Swisscryptotrader service, which I added last month. I disconnected the service two days later after receiving an update from the trader indicating that the maximum drawdown was 100%. I’m glad this parameter is now mandatory because it helps you understand where you are getting in.

Regarding Trend Surfers, I’m almost -17% with this service, so I’m having severe doubts about it.

I talked with the trader (very responsive, you can find him on Discord or in his feed). I have decided to maintain the service. The trader looks confident about his latest updates but also explained that the service was at a high when I increased the balance the last time (doubling the investment in this service). This is the opposite of what he recommends, which is to enter the dip (like now). If you check his chart, you can see how the patterns repeat over and over.

Next Moves

I’m checking the marketplace looking for services with more than six months, with a constant growth that don’t hold losses for a long time.

Ares (only 2x)

It hasn’t done six months yet, but it’s close. The chart has constantly been growing since its launch, and it has survived a couple of crashes. My only concern is the few allocated balance, $10k. I would like to see if it maintains the quality with more capital.

Reversal Bot

Also with almost 6 months. It’s looking good, with a lot of capital under management, there are two versions, and both have reached the maximum. Based on trader communications, he is considering launching the third one. I’ll try to dedicate some time during the month to study it in detail.

Final Thoughts

I will take Jean-Simon’s (Trend-Surfers) recommendation. I will take into consideration if we are in a high or a dip before allocating new balance, not only in his service but in any other that also has the same pattern of hights-dips in the chart, instead of constant growth.