Another tough month, Bitcoin dropped more than 20%, liquidating more than $3bn in the entire market. My portfolio suffered losses too, but very controlled, just a -3.24%, and a couple of services even had good results.

Monthly Passive Income Statement: Sep 2021

We are taking a step back in the recovery from May, but given the circumstances, with the top cryptocurrencies losing more than 20%, I would say that my portfolio performed pretty well.

Remember that you can check the spreadsheet here.


I didn’t have time to allocate more funds to the services; it’s something that I would like to do every month.

One of the ten services that compose my portfolio, Digicrypto, had a fantastic performance, becoming my third one in terms of total return. Digicrypto guys weren’t doing so well during the last four months, and as always, you have doubts about if they should be in your portfolio or not. Again I’m glad I kept them.

Next Moves

I’m gonna give it a try to Swisscryptotrader X3. The service is mature enough, it has survived several crashes, and the progression is constant.

Also, I’m waiting for other services to become six months old, which I think is enough time to see if it’s a long-term option.

Final Thoughts

Happy with the results so far. I think the current portfolio will recover the losses from the discarded services and grow positively.