As you may know, we usually launch this infographic at the beginning of each month, but recently it has passed two months since we launch profit sharing, so we thought it would be the right moment to show you some results.

In fact, today we are changing this infographic series to focus only on “Profit Sharing” services, which are the ones that are creating more expectations inside the platform. For now, only Futures based traders, but on the coming releases we’ll create a raking for Spot Profit Sharing services too.

Instead of an entire month, we are taking into consideration the last 30 days, so to be on the list, the trader needed to have opened a position at least 30 days prior to this ranking.

We extracted information regarding each of the traders, like total return in the last 30 days, the number of copiers, average trades per week, the average holding time, their success fee, etc.

If you don’t know about our “Profit Sharing” services, the key of the service is that you don’t need to pay any fixed fee every month, you’ll pay only a % of the earnings, what we call “Success Fee”.

We need to mention that the trader that appears now as 1st in our marketplaces is not included in this ranking because the trader started his services 2 days later, which is Omega – Futures with an astonishing return of +188.64% at the time of writing this article.

That being said, let’s go with the results of the last 30 days, and congratulations to the top Traders!

In the last 30 days the most successful trader was Medallion Spartan – Elite, with an astonishing return of impressing 52.49%! Great strategies & results which are worth to follow. Thank you for the hard work!

Last 30 days Ranking below:

General TOP summary

1st Medallion Spartan – Elite (USDT – FUTURES)

  • Total Return 52.49% from allocated
  • Total Followers 22
  • Subscription Fee 30% Success Fee

2nd Easy 5x Scalper (USDT – FUTURES)

  • Total Return 54.38% from allocated
  • Total Followers 45
  • Subscription Fee 20% Success Fee

3rd Algo Scalping 5x (USDT – FUTURES)

  • Total Return 51.41% from allocated
  • Total Followers 42
  • Subscription Fee 20% Success Fee

As always, we want to share the results and let you know how it’s easy to get passive income with our new model. Neverthless as you already know, all investments carry some risks, that is why we recommend to check traders before investing.


As a result of our focus to simplify the platform and align as much as possible with the goal of our users, that is basically to get stable gains in the long term as passive income, we are focusing on “Profit Sharing”, that is growing exponentially. With this service you can forget about the investment as is similar to get someone to manage your assets for you. We invite you to check our list of Profit Sharing traders to invest, and try this service.

Now is your turn, what do you think about these results? Is there anything missing about them in your opinion, for our next releases of this monthly ranking? We’ll love to know your feedback.