VCC is a fantastic Exchange from Vietnam. Currently is the twentieth exchange in spot market volume with $2.3Billion per day according to Coinmarketcap. And finally, the option for copy trading has come to it with Zignaly.

Let me tell you a little bit about Zignaly in case you have never invested in it. Zignaly is a social investment platform that puts in contact expert traders in crypto with people who want to earn extra money investing. The traders or experts offer their services in Zignaly, so you need to follow them. Then, every time they open a position, they are replicated automatically and proportionally in your account.

Zignaly has integrated VCC exchange to bring the copy-trading functionality and all the options that Zignaly offers to his users.

VCC: Account Creation

To create an account in the VCC exchange is super quick and easy. First of all, you should visit its VCC and press the green button on the top right Register. They would then ask you to introduce your email and password (your phone number is optional). The password is a little bit sensitive with the symbols, so if you can use a password generator, it would be faster. It will ask for a referral code; you can use ours: FKGMNl

Once you sign up, they will send you an email to your account to confirm your email address. The first time that you log in, you would receive a confirmation code that you need to introduce.

To deposit any funds in your account, you should first verify your identity. To complete the process, you should have installed the VCC phone application and complete the process from here for Android or here for IOs. The process is as other verifications; they asked you for any identification and a photo.

Once you have completed that part, you are ready to connect your VCC account with Zignaly.

Zignaly: Account Creation

It is a 10-second process. Visit Zignaly, insert your name, email, and password, and that’s it. Welcome to Zignaly!

How to connect VCC and Zignaly

We have created a specific and excellent article that explains step by step how to connect your VCC account with Zignaly. It has a lot of screenshots that it would allow you to follow the process. You can find the link to the article here: Connect VCC with Zignaly

Enabling a Copy Trader Service for VCC (or Signals Service)

In the right menu, select the option copy traders (or signal providers if you preferred to follow signals). Please take a look at their stats and choose one of the services that offer their services for VCC. To start copying that trader, you need to click on the button “Copy this Trader” at the top and select how much balance you want to allocate to this service.

Every time the provider opens a position for this service, the position will replicate in your account proportionally.

VCC and Zignaly, an excellent opportunity for the Vietnamese community

VCC is an excellent exchange with a lot of volume and options for everybody but especially for Vietnamese. It offers the possibility to trade using VND, and its fees are only 0.20%, no matter if you are a maker or taker. With VCC in Zignaly, we provide a way for the expert traders to offer their services to the big community of Zignaly, but also for those traders that don’t have too much time to make money automatizing their investments.

Furthermore, Zignaly has included the Vietnamese language, and now we also offer support in Vietnamese.

Share Your Results

Join our Zignaly community in Discord Group and share your results here. []

If you are an expert trader at VCC and want to start earning money with your trades at Zignaly, please, reach us, and we will help you onboard.