Have you heard about Zignaly Profit Sharing, but you are not sure how it works? This webinar was presented by Kamila, from the marketing team at Zignaly, and Bart, our CEO, explaining how profit-sharing works. You will see how to create a Zignaly Account, start following a profit-sharing service, and check your investment status.

Also, Bart answered the following questions from the attendees:

  • Is it possible to copy with demo accounts?
  • Can I change the allocated balance?
  • Can I change from reinvesting to withdraw mode?
  • Can I copy more than one profit sharing trader from the same exchange account?
  • Do I need to have bnb on my account?
  • What happens with my funds and open positions if the trader disappear?
  • Where will my funds be during the copy?

Take the chance and discover the next generation of copy trading, 100% replicated in the followers’ accounts, and not cost in advance.