New exchange added and two big surprises at the end of the video!

Releasing Zignaly Exchange

Today we announce that we become part of the Binance Broker Program and we are releasing our Zignaly Exchange (Powered by Binance).

Official Binance Broker Program Badge

From today, you can use Zignaly Exchange together with your Zignaly account. Your assets will be secured and managed by Binance, the liquidity, markets, and everything is from Binance. Still, Zignaly Exchange will add some extra functionalities related to our copy-traders that you will see in the incoming weeks.

How to use Zignaly Exchange

Zignaly Exchange works like any other integrated exchange. From your settings view, you can create an account. Then you can add the account to any service (copy-trading/signals’ provider) or use it in the trading terminal.

The balance view will show more options when you select a Zignaly Exchange account for withdrawing/deposit and also for converting small bags into BNB.

The Zignaly Exchange will be the first step towards our new model, looking always to achieve long-term sustainable profits for our users. Soon we’ll release new options and features related to the copy trading services, that we are sure you’ll ? love it!

New pricing model – No more monthly subscriptions!

We believe that what we are doing is gonna improve our users’ lives. That’s why we are always looking for the best way to help them (first signals’ providers, then copy-traders). We wanna be part of their success, that’s why from today, we’ll remove the monthly payment of Zignaly.  No more direct payments to Zignaly. Like any other Exchange, Zignaly doesn’t require a premium subscription. Not only when you use our Exchange, but with any other exchange integrated with us.

And now the surprise I was talking about. Becoming a free service doesn’t look fair for those of you who have supported us during the beta, is for that, that we are gonna give back the payments that you have made. You will have a balance 1.5 times bigger than your real paid amount. If you paid to us, for example, a total amount of $100, your balance would be $150. Each month we’ll deposit in your Zignaly Exchange account the 20% of your trading fees paid between all your Zignaly Exchange Accounts.

Here is a detailed post talking about how the cashback process works.

BTW, we’ll leave a voluntary subscription opened during April, in case you wanna accumulate some balance to enjoy the discount for a more extended period. So, it’s time for yearly subscription guys!