We are pleased to announce that AscendEX is now integrated with Zignaly platform, so the users can directly trade on this exchange using our Trading Terminal. Also, expert traders can now create service on AscendEX as well.

In addition to this integration, both parties are further exploring:

  • Introducing profit sharing module for AscendEX, which will add more coins to the Zignaly platform, allowing expert traders flexibility in terms of service creation and trading.
  • AscendEX will help Zignaly secure better traders for the platform by promoting the service to its user base.
  • Potential integration of Zignaly technology inside the exchange portal to make it easier for AscendEX audience to utilize the social trading services.

AscendEx is one of the key investors of Zignaly and successfully hosted ZIG primary listing as well. We believe that our partnership will deepen more in coming months.

Keep updated!