SINGAPORE March 31st, 2021 – Fintech start-up Zignaly, the crypto industry’s leading emerging social investment platform, is pleased to announce its $3,000,000 private sale round. The round is led by Parataxis Capital, an industry leading multi strategy investment firm. Joining Parataxis is a comprehensive list of institutional digital asset investors including Okex’s Block Dream FundAscendEX (formerly Global CapitalLD CapitalLVT CapitalAU21 CapitalDisrupt.comDAOMakerGDA CapitalBSCPadAcheron & LedgerPrime.

Zignaly CEO Bartolome Bordallo commented on the financing round by saying: Zignaly is a consumer facing platform with the holistic goal of enabling alternative investment opportunities and making digital assets more accessible to everyone. We are thrilled that our institutional partners understand this goal, and are supporting our vision to unlock new opportunities for users to safely and securely participate in the digital asset economy through Zignaly’s social investment platform and insurance protocol.

Driving their retail liquidity to various digital asset exchanges through their broker API, Zignaly is the silent rocketship that has been fueling the retail order books on major exchanges. Zignaly is plugged into some of the industry’s largest exchanges including Binance, with several other exchanges set to go live soon.

Julian Gropp from Parataxis Capital commented on the news, “As evidenced by its phenomenal growth, it is clear that there is strong demand and product-market fit for Zignaly’s platform services. We believe Zignaly has a huge opportunity ahead of itself, as its proven team and differentiated technology continue to disrupt the way in which investors of all sizes gain access to more sophisticated investment strategies. We look forward to partnering with the team as they further scale and build out a next generation digital asset trading platform.”

Unlike most projects in the digital asset space that announce their capital raise before their product has launched, Zignaly has launched and commercialized its social-trading service before accepting any significant capital injections. Zignaly has been generating revenue since 2018, and has amassed a user base of over 60,000 registered users, who have traded over $1,700,000,000 in volume, the bulk of which has been generated in just the last three months.

OKEx Block Dream Fund founder Dora said, “We see Zignaly disrupting the Crypto trading space with it’s one of a kind Trading insurance protocol and 100% performance-based approach for expert traders. Moreover, the platform’s ever-growing adoption, and continuous innovation makes us very comfortable about the long term growth potential of this project”.

A simple yet powerful concept, Zignaly’s profit-sharing service allows professional digital asset traders to manage other users’ digital asset investments through a pooled account. Neither Zignaly nor the trader charge any upfront payment, and profits are automatically distributed to users and traders. Profit on the platform is performance-based, making it one of the most cost-effective wealth management tools in the industry. Through the aforementioned broker API, Zignaly routes billions of dollars in retail trading activity to their partnered digital asset exchanges every year, making them the ideal strategic partner for these exchanges to penetrate new markets and access retail trading demand.

“AscendEX is looking to build a thriving ecosystem by making strategic investments in automated trading solutions. Zignaly has developed a user-friendly, but technically advanced platform, with the right vision and agility to succeed in this fast evolving industry” – Shane Molidor, head of BD at AscendEX

The financing will mainly be allocated to R&D, UX and to support the continued growth of Zignaly’s insurance protocol; a key feature of Zignaly’s social trading 2.0, aimed at giving even more risk protection and security to Zignaly investors and users.

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About Zignaly

Zignaly is a social investment platform that facilitates profit sharing between professional traders and users who copy-trade strategies. Users can select actively managed services, run by professional traders powered on the Zignaly platform, for a fraction of the cost seen across the traditional financial services landscape. For more info on the Zignaly platform or its newly built profit sharing service, please visit

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