Hello guys,

Today we start a series of video updates where we’ll tell you about our progress.


Hello everybody,

I’m Bart, one of the co-founders of Zignaly. We are starting a series of video updates, where we will tell you a little about our progress.

For example, last month we launched one of the most requested features, the possibility of editing your DCA/take profit targets in an open position.

Also, this month we have launched the import function. Let’s see how it works.

From your Trading Terminal, in entry strategy, choose the “Import From Exchange” option. This option won’t buy anything; it’s only for managing coins that you already have in the exchange. Choose the price at what you bought them, and the number of coins that you want to be controlled in this position. Then you can add take profits, DCAs, and any other option.

Here we have the position opened. We can use it, to see how the take profit and DCA update works. Remember that each target has to be at least as big as the minimum allowed by Binance, for BTC is 10,000 satoshis.
For DCA, take into consideration that, no matter how the position has been opened, it will always buy new coins.

We have more updates coming soon, the sorting and filtering of the positions, auto-connect buttons with recommended settings from providers, positive stop loss and others. Check our public roadmap on Trello to see what are we working on.

Before finishing, I just wanted to let you know that next week the price will be rising to $16. For existing users, who have been loyal supporters and get their membership before this rising, the price will be locked forever. Also, as you can see here, you already have the option of automatic payments with Paypal.

See you around!