New video to tell you about our progress and introducing some exciting new feature.


I’m exciting to tell you that we are in the last phase of our beta. It will last two or three months max, and our main focus will be to fix some bugs, add more redundancy, and improve the performance. Then, we’ll be ready for adding new exchanges.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t launch any new feature. In fact, I’m gonna show you something that we think it’s super powerful.

Soon, you will find a new button in your providers’ list for cloning any provider that you are connected to. Cloning a provider will allow you to apply different settings to the same signals. You can use one for listening only to Ether, and another for BNB, choosing max concurrent positions per each one individually, which has been in high demand lately. Also, applying different settings to the same signal will allow you to test various strategies, at the same time. For example, you can test one strategy with Take-Profits, and the other with sell signals.

You also have the edit tab, so you can customize the description and title of your clones, which could be interesting for taking notes.

Extra Info

I forgot to comment in the video that you can add as many clones version of a provider as you want, and also that the feature will be ready in the next days.

Happy trading!