Now you can check our business KPIs in a live view. The following video introduces the view and makes a presentation of some metrics and how we use it.

Click on Transparency to check out our business metrics. The video introduces the view and gives a small work around the different KPIs that we are showing:

Current Open Positions

Number of positions opened right now with our crypto-trading platform.

Positions Closed Last Day

Number of positions closed with sell last day.

Total Capital Under Management

The total balance between all the users connected to Zignaly.

Monthly Closed Positions

Blue number from the current month and bars from each month.

Monthly Traded Volume

How much volume has been crypto-traded through Zignaly.

New Monthly Users

New users who subscribed that month.

Lifetime Value

As I explain in the video, the metric is not accurate if the churn rate of the current month is 0%, but as you can see in previous months, our LTV is around seven months.

Conversion Rate

An interesting and actionable chart. It measures conversion from new user to active user (an active user is the one who closed a position), and from active user to customer. As you can see, so far the conversion from new user to active user is poor, but because we don’t have any onboarding process or wizard that introduces the user to Zignaly,  what’s interesting, is that there is a lot of margin for improvement. The conversion from active user to customer is pretty good, and the two spikes that you see in April and January are because those are the previous month at when we raised the price and we announced it before raising it, so people buy a lot of subscriptions those months.

Monthly Revenue

We have three different groups, Monthly Subscriptions, Yearly Subscriptions, and One-Time Payments.

Churn Rate

It measures the people who cancel its subscriptions (or if they used one-time payment and didn’t use a new one after it expired). There is work to do here too.

Burn Rate

How much we are spending and how. It’s not updated automatically, but we try to keep as updated as possible.

As we explained in the video, the main reason why we do this is that we believe in full transparency (as far as it doesn’t compromise the company). We think that this can help other startups to figure out some stuff. Also, we are looking for investment, so showing our trajectory, how we are doing, and in what point we are, could be interesting.

If you know any investor that may be interested in Zignaly, or yourself could be, feel free to introduce me or reach me out. I’ll be happy to talk about it.

Job Offers

Finally, in the footer, you will find a new Jobs link that will redirect you to our jobs’ page on Angel List. Feel free to apply or reach me out directly if you are interested, but please, read the job offer, we ask there some questions, and most of the applicants don’t answer them (they are not reading the offer), so we are discarding around 90% of them.