A quick overview about how our copy-trading functionality has been working in one of our test accounts and the introduction of two new functionalities: KuCoin support and multi-exchange accounts.https://www.youtube.com/embed/WSOntFd_Xos?feature=oembed

As you can see, the copy-trading functionality has been working pretty well with positive results and without any intervention from my side, I just connected it and the copy-trader managed it 100%.

Also we have added KuCoin support, now you can add as many KuCoin accounts as you want to Zignaly and link them to your providers or use them in the trading terminal.

We also add the multi-exchange accounts feature, which allows you to add more than one account per exchange. You can add as many accounts from KuCoin, for example, clone a provider, and link a different exchange to each clone. We need to improve the UX/UI, but so far is functional.

Finally, I haven’t mentioned it in the video because I didn’t have the changes on my version, but another important update has been the TradingView integration. Be ready to see some helpful lines when you are creating your positions.

In the following weeks we’ll keep working on this integration, show lines on the positions view, allowing the user to remember the settings… etc.

More exchanges are coming, as soon as we confirm that everything works perfectly for our new addition, we’ll integrate and release new ones.

We hope you like the updates and help you being more profitable!

Happy trading!