In the last decade, cryptocurrencies have penetrated into new areas and emerged with ties to traditional financial instruments. As a result, more and more solutions are being developed in order to bring new ladders to this sector. 3commas is one of those solutions.

3commas was introduced as a smart trading terminal that can help to maximize profits and enhance trades through a bunch of automated tools. 3commas has quickly created a great reputation among digital money investors for its ease of use and solid prospects.

About 3commas

3commas was launched in 2018, with a mission to build an easy and reliable exchange platform so that crypto traders can earn money in a short time.

It wasn’t long before 3commas gained popularity and became a prominent player among auto trading bots. So far, there are more than 200K users who registered for the service, which creates and processes over $60 million USD in daily transactions.

3commas has gathered a huge community of users and supporters, including beginners and experienced investors. That is to say, people can not only make use of 3commas as a trading platform, but they can also exchange their strategies and tips with others on the platform.

The Functionality

3commas provides a toolset of integrated features to its users. One of the most remarkable gadgets are the automated trading bots. There are simple bots and composite bots that will automatically collect market data and trading signals, then generate reports and proper investment scenarios.

The bots can be predefined for auto-order placement. One user can build up copy bots to track others’ performance and duplicate their plans via social trading. That produces an easy way to follow successful strategies and simply incorporate them into your trading strategy.

Thanks to the automated mechanism, traders can create time for other activities rather than always sticking to the screen to manage their assets. More rest and relaxation may boost profitability and open traders up to diversified ideas.

Besides auto trading bots, 3commas also extends manual trading capability with Smart Trade features. This set of tools enables additional choices for conducting transactions. For instance, you can set up to sell your cryptos with multiple targets, or use Smart Cover to accrue extra profit against price fluctuations.

3commas’s Smart Trade is equipped with precise trailing and concurrent take-profit/stop-loss orders which constantly calculate market moves and adjust to execute the most appropriate and timely deals.

All of these tools are likely to be an enormous assistance for traders who wish to run their investments without dedicating all their time to investment management.

3commas accounts are supported by a few portfolio management tools, such as rebalancing coin ratios based on investor’s determination or ratio copy/edit among different buckets.

All concurrent rates and investment performance are explicitly displayed on a single-window through TradingView, which makes a lot easier to keeping track of each coin, as well as the overall situation.

Exchanges Supported by 3commas

3commas brings big help for by integrating its services with 13 other existing coin exchange platforms, e.g. Binance/Binance DEX/Binance Futures, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC, Huobi Global.

All of these are among the most popular trading terminals, which saves users time and effort when connect with different channels. There is sure to be an exchange to use with the platform, and perhaps more than one.

However, not all platforms are supported by 3commas features. While manual Smart Trade is probably going to work on most exchanges, auto bots aren’t as well supported on the exchange side. Different promotions are applied to specific exchanges as well. Therefore, be sure to learn everything that is included in the package before you sign up.

Pricing Plans

Basically, 3commas comes with 3 subscriptions, which are accompanied by a 3-day trial offer. You can work with the platform before you have to commit, which is a nice feature.

The three plans on 3commas are Starter, Advanced, and Pro, ranging from $29 USD/month to $99 USD/month (pricing can be converted into EUR for non-US citizens). Users can select to pay monthly or annually, by PayPal, Visa, or with digital coins.

The manual trading functions in the three plans are very similar. Noticeably, all accounts offer convenient push-notifications through multiple devices and API access.

On the other hand, note that the auto trading bots feature is not available in Starter plans, while Advanced users are only able to access to limited functions for the bots. Only Pro plans have full access to use complex auto bots for trade optimization.

How Easy is 3commas?

3commas has put a lot into making the simple to use the platform, which is super nice to use, and concise. Novices won’t take too long to get acquainted with the interface as there is help from 3commas’ general knowledge base. You can always seek support from the blog section or the 3commas community.

Once you have become familiar with the platform, you will find that it does a lot to help you trade. The platform provides plenty of customizable features. Users are able to modify default settings, from beginner to advanced levels.

Loads of tools are available for automating investment decision making, such as concurrent take profit/stop loss, trailing stops, long/short algorithm auto bots, and much more. With all these functions, 3commas gives investors and traders great tools for manual trading, automated trading, portfolio balancing, or investment management.

Ease of use isn’t the only advantage of 3commas. The security of private data and crypto exchanges is also a top priority. 3commas has developed a secured hosted server in order to prevent any malicious threats to sensitive data.

In addition, each account can activate two-factor authentication (2FA) to help keep personal information as safe as possible. As a result, traders can feel confident that the platform has taken precautions to ensure there is a safe environment for making transactions.

Potential Profits with 3commas

No platform can deliver 100% of the time. However, by incorporating powerful tools, 3commas provides more ways for traders to profit from both market gains and losses, as well as automated tools that allow for advanced trading strategies.

3commas offers a referral program that allows users to make extra money by sending other potential clients to the platform. In particular, users can receive a commission based on any coin payment successfully processed via their referrals.

A couple of other additional programs are promoted to encourage traders to increase their trading volume as well.

There is little doubt that 3commas is a great answer for cryptocurrency traders. The company created a highly secured platform, which is perfect for manual and automated trading. It is adaptable to various types of trading strategies, as well as market environments.

Utilizing 3commas is worth looking at for any trader who needs solid tools in the crypto market, and wants to deal with a number of popular exchanges.