Autonio trading bot is backed by AI, so if this technology is as good at trading as it is at most other things, Autonio could be your go to trading tool.

Autonio trading bot uses algorithmic artificial intelligence to assist traders, which is something that sets it apart from almost all other services on the market right now.


Here’s what Autonio trading bot comes with:

  • Better control for users – trading may be automated, but the user gets to choose how often the Autinio bot places trades, whether a strategy needs optimizing, how various indicators should be integrated, and more.
  • A good selection of trading indicators – all the usual suspects, including Bollinger Bands, Ultimate Oscillator, EMA crossovers, and Relative Strength Index,
  • Backtesting – Autinio lets you trail strategies with real historical figures using five indicators to figure out it how they would perform
  • Not-so-common features – trading consultancy, order flow trading, algorithm marketplace.
  • Social trading and investing – you can track experienced traders and use what they do to achieve a similar portfolio and income.

Autonio Pricing

An Autonio subscription is a flat $50 a month to get all that functionality, and you’ll also need to pay a one-off registration fee.

The Autinio trading bot platform supports Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken, and QuadrigaCX Right now. You’ll be able to trade whatever cryptocurrency pair combinations these exchanges carry.

The Good and Bad

 Good  Bad 
Intuitive interfacePortfolio follow/copySuits beginners, no coding knowledge requiredNumerous indicatorsAI algorithms for sale in the marketplaceNot many exchangesOne size fits all pricing may be too expensive for someNot much info about the team