Looking for information on the best crypto exchanges online? Our complete guide covers all the details you need to know to get started.

  1. Key Factors of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Online
  2. What’s the Best Crypto Exchange Available Online for You?
  3. Which Crypto Exchange is the Right One for Newcomers?
  4. Elements Typical for All Crypto Exchanges
  5. How can You Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Your Crypto Activities?
  6. Crypto Exchanges VS Brokerages
  7. What Top Five Crypto Exchanges Do We Suggest You Try?

As cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular, it’s all too easy to find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer range of investment opportunities available online. You want to choose a brand that’s reliable and secure, but it’s common for investors to pick the wrong one. A bad decision like this can cost a lot of money.

Our aim is to give you the insights you need to minimize your risks. We’re a passionate team of experts with years of experience in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies, and we work every single day to collate genuine details on the best crypto exchanges available online.

We provide you with exchange rankings based on real research and evidence, to ensure you find the ideal cryptocurrency exchange for your investment goals.

Key Factors of the Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Online

Want to know what the crucial aspects of a secure, dependable crypto exchange are? We understand. We all have to start somewhere. No matter how little you might be planning to invest for the first time, you need to know what you’re doing to minimize your risk of a bad decision.

But don’t worry: we’re here to make your crypto exchange experience a breeze. The best crypto exchanges online share the following features:

Competitive costs

A crypto exchange’s pricing is vital, especially if you’re looking to keep your costs down. Cryptocurrency exchange fees vary considerably, but our crypto exchange reviews always present you with a comprehensive insight into the service’s pricing structure.


Good security is essential: huge amounts of money pass through crypto exchanges every day. You want to enjoy total peace of mind that your cash and coins are in the best hands. Exchanges implement a range of methods to secure your cryptocurrencies and all sensitive data.

Common examples include airtight identification verification, two-factor authentication, asset insurance, and more. We always cover an exchange’s security in our reviews.

Customer support

We all know efficient customer support is crucial for any service, and cryptocurrency exchanges are no different. The best crypto exchanges keep experts on hand to help you resolve issues, whether these relate to payment processes, ID verification, or even just how to leverage specific features.

Our reviews provide you with honest coverage of exchanges’ support, whether it operates 24/7 or during limited business hours.

Accessibility/user-friendly design

Ease of use is paramount for an efficient, welcoming crypto exchange. As seasoned cryptocurrency investors will know, crypto investments can be complex enough without clunky platforms complicating things further.

The top crypto exchanges offer high-quality user interfaces for a positive experience. That makes a big difference to your crypto activities, whether you’re a wide-eyed newcomer or an expert.

Coins supported

The top crypto exchanges provide a wide variety of supported coins to appeal to a broad demographic of cryptocurrency users. Our insightful reviews and tutorials cover the full selection of supported coins, to help you recognize the right exchange for you.

Payment options

It’s always best to keep your preferred methods of payment in mind while you’re looking for the right crypto exchange for you. Exchanges tend to offer a number of payment options, such as MasterCard, Visa, bank transfer, or other cryptocurrencies.

What’s the Best Crypto Exchange Available Online for You?

This isn’t an easy question to answer. What one person considers the best exchange might not work as well for the next. One investor might prioritize low-cost fees over everything else, while another focuses on the user interface to ensure themselves a hassle-free experience.

Whatever your priorities, though, two are generally considered the best options: Bitmex and Binance.

Which Crypto Exchange is the Right One for Newcomers?

You’ll probably realize that one of the main factors top exchanges have in common is their simplicity. That’s because the teams behind the leading cryptocurrency exchanges recognize that a user-friendly design is vital to cultivate positive engagement.

While some are more accessible to beginners than others might be, it’s unlikely you’ll run into any issues on exchanges with the highest ratings. Generally, though, Coinbase is viewed as one of the most user-friendly, simplest crypto exchanges online.

What Top Elements Do the Top Crypto Exchanges Have in Common?

The best crypto exchanges share a number of key elements: the highest standard of security (incorporating cutting-edge technologies), competitive fees, and a user-friendly design. Binance is a great example of an exchange encompassing these qualities.

How can You Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Your Crypto Activities?

Selecting the right exchange can be tough. But here’s one helpful tip: focus on achieving a balance between the crucial features covered above and those that matter to you, based on your personal preferences.

What does this mean? Well, as we’ve discussed already, the best crypto exchanges should all include outstanding security features. However, if you want to trade the most popular cryptocurrencies only, you may not be too concerned about the range of coins featured on the crypto exchange. It’s all about finding what suits your personal tastes and priorities best.

Crypto Exchanges VS Brokerages

A crypto exchange is a platform allowing users to exchange cryptocurrencies with others. The exchange itself functions as a middleman, bringing you and other sellers or buyers together to facilitate a transaction.

A brokerage, though, is quite different: there are no other users to sell to or buy from. You simply exchange your fiat funds or cryptocurrency coins with no third-party involvement.

Still, both of platform types may both be referred to as “exchanges” by some people, particularly when trying to avoid confusion. It’s not a huge issue, but worth keeping in mind when you’re trying to find the right crypto exchange for you.

What Top 5 Crypto Exchanges Do We Suggest You Try?

Here’s our top five recommended exchanges, from highest rating to the lowest:

1. Binance

Advantages: This is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges online. It provides you with the chance to buy and trade a massive range of cryptocurrencies, with low withdrawal fees too.

Disadvantages: Some of the exchange’s users have found this tricky to dive into, particularly when you have no previous experience with crypto exchanges.

2. Bitmex

Advantages: Margin trading services are top tier, and the transparent operation is a key selling point too. The fees are very low, with leverage up to 100x.

Disadvantages: This isn’t ideal for beginners, and there are no fiat deposits or withdrawals available.

3. KuCoin

Advantages: This is a fantastic exchange, with low fees on deposits, impressive security, anonymous trading, and more.

Disadvantages: As KuCoin’s trading volume is on the low side, you may experience issues during periods of significantly higher traffic.


Advantages: This fiat to crypto exchange offers users a one-stop platform for entering or exiting out of trading.

Disadvantages: Okex is unavailable to users based in the United States. It’s uncertain whether they have insurance to cover any losses that traders may incur if a cybersecurity breach arises.