is a trading automation platform designed to make trading automation simple. How effective is it? What features does it include? Find out here!

Most traders know how emotional the experience of executing trades can be. It’s not easy to maintain composure when markets become chaotic or the risk of a loss looms. Fear and greed can both be powerful triggers, leading to impulsive decisions that may or may not be in a trader’s best interests.

Trading automation software is a simple way to help reduce the role that emotions play, though some platforms offer bang for the proverbial buck than others. is one of many options, but what does it offer?


Traders can create flexible strategies without extensive programming on A user may build crypto trading strategies based on data and bespoke parameters, then backtest and automate them on their preferred exchange.

Paper trading allows users to test strategies in current market conditions. Trailing Take Profit and Stop Loss can be used simultaneously.

Another key aspect of is that candlestick patterns, technical indicators, price changes, cryptocurrency market caps, and more are available straight out of the box.

Traders have the option to make new versions of their strategies ahead of deploying them as cryptocurrency bots, and the backtesting tool allows free testing of up to 10 strategies. Strategies available free of charge may be edited and implemented into the trader’s portfolio.

How Does it Work?

The first step a user should take is to create their free account. They will receive an email containing options intended to introduce them to the platform’s features and functions.

Free onboarding calls may be requested if a user would prefer extra help. Documentation is available for further support.

Traders can build strategies via typing, so a single strategy may be constructed within a few minutes. Backtesting strategies on historical data can begin with one click, and they may be implemented on the user’s preferred exchange with another. has been built to provide users with transparency, to keep them aware of what they’re trading at all times. The platform incorporates data from leading banks and major financial institutions.

Security doesn’t store user funds. Their balance will stay with the chosen exchange instead, and the bot will have restricted access to accounts due to API keys generated by said exchange.

The bot may execute trades, but it’s unable to order withdrawals or deposit funds into the user’s account. Data remains protected through bank-level-to-bank-level encryption.

How Much Does it Cost? offers a free Binance plan. This includes 10 real-time live trading, unlimited manual trading (qualified), 100 backtests, three rules per strategy, five years Forex historical data, and more.

The Starter plan is €69 per month. Users will get 10 rules per strategy, and everything else included in the free plan.

The Trader plan costs €199 per month. It provides 50 real-time live trading, 500 backtests, maximum Forex historical data, 50 real-time paper trading, and everything else in the previous two plans.

Finally, the Trader PRO plan is priced at €349 per month. Users can expect 100 real-time live trading, 1000 backtests, unlimited rules per strategy, 100 real-time paper trading, and everything else from the three lower-tier plans.