Coinigy is a crypto trading platform designed for beginner traders, but how does it work? Discover all the key details you need to know before you sign up.

Coinigy is designed to provide both experienced and novice traders with a simple platform to streamline their operations. It’s recognized for the variety of charts and analytical data it provides, alongside a number of tools and indicators. Multiple trading accounts may be centralized in one place to make tracking orders simpler.

What else does Coinigy provide? In this review, we’ll explore the platform’s features, as well as its security and subscription plans.


Traders can utilize Coingigy’s network-based interface for various activities, such as charting, portfolio monitoring, and in-account trading (API integration required). Accounts can also be operated from Android or iOS devices.

Dozens of technical indicators are available, and a real-time API provides updates on cryptocurrency trends and live data feeds. Coinigy enables users to work with high-frequency tools, live exchange rates, and numerous apps (such as ArbMatrix). With ArbMatrix, traders may generate profits from price variations between exchanges.

Coinigy also allows traders to connect to around 40 well-known exchanges and monitor how specific assets perform across various ones. They may also watch more than 4,000 coins and trading pairs, as well as make purchases or sales directly from their accounts.

Coinigy is also one of the crypto trading bots hosted on Google data centers. It utilizes the SocketCluster framework for microservices and apps.

How Does it Work?

Coinigy is intended to accommodate beginners, which is why it includes an extensive Support section. Resources focus on working with charts and understanding the platform’s layout. A YouTube channel features detailed tutorial videos too.

Users may compare prices at a variety of exchanges and trade with more than 70 technical indicators. Some users have drawn attention to what may be a steep learning curve for inexperienced traders.

Coinigy users may set up price and trade alerts via email and SMS. No additional exchange fees are charged.


Coinigy utilizes enterprise-grade security protocols. It filters requests through a verified (ORG) SSL, and protects user data with AES 256-bit encryption.

The platform supports passwords comprising as many as 40 characters, and Two-Factor Authentication is available via Time-based One Time Password Authentication. Failed attempts to log into accounts will lead to a lockout and IP ban for a set period. API keys are not stored or displayed without encryption.

How Much Does it Cost?

Newcomers can use the free Starter Account and a 30-day full-featured trial. The Starter plan allows users to connect exchange accounts for unlimited trading, 24/7 automatic portfolio monitoring, and more.

The Pro Trader plan is $18.66 per month (when bought annually). This provides unlimited API accounts, unlimited chart layouts, advanced order types, and more.

The API Developer Pro costs $99.99 per month. It provides priority support on top of everything included in the other two plans.