Cornix is a Telegram crypto trading bot bringing users cryptocurrency signals. But how does it work? We have the answers you need in this in-depth review.

Cornix is an automated Telegram trading bot for cryptocurrency signals. Crypto trading signals essentially inform traders how and where to purchase or sell crypto coins, and provide them with entry prices.

Cornix has been designed to reduce the amount of time required to keep up to date with the latest, often frequent, market changes. Cornix aims to help reduce this effort by offering users two main configuration options: an automated one-click/follow signal or a manual/follow signal.

In this review, we’ll cover Cornix’s main features and functions in more depth.


Cornix features an extensive selection of signal groups, including Fat Pig Signals and Verified Crypto Traders.

Traders can utilize Cornix’s automated follow signals to create trades based on certain signals received, with one-click activation. Trailing features provide users with access to specific functions, such as buy, sell, and stop. They can also optimize gains by tracking signal development and mitigate potential losses across highly volatile periods.

Import signals are involved in sending other signals, from a number of groups, to the Telegram trading bot. The aim is to achieve easy trade generation.

Users may also receive live updates on all actions the bot performs. They can connect to the exchange of their choice (Binance, etc.) with an API. After setting this up, a trader can configure how they want their trades to be conducted, and manage their entries and exits. Various strategies are available, such as increase exponential strategy.

How Does it Work?

Newcomers to Cornix need to complete multiple steps when creating an account. First, they’ll need to download the Telegram app then click the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the screen. They’ll then need to search for the Cornix Trading Bot.

When the pop-up presents bot options, the user should click the Telegram ID: @cornix_trading_bot. Next, they will hit the start button to interact with the BitMEX signal bot and begin the follow-up stage.

After connecting to the exchange, the trader can view their present holdings in any exchange they use. They can connect to exchanges by navigating to the drop-down menu and selecting General Configuration. When the Client Management option appears, choose this, then Add.

The user will be able to register with an exchange of their choice or connect an account they have already created.


Cornix claims that its security architecture was vetted by reputable experts. Users’ coins are not stored at Cornix: they remain in exchanges while the Cornix bot performs trades.

Traders are required to disable their withdrawal permissions on API keys for extra security.

How Much Does it Cost?

Cornix users can choose from the Basic, Intermediate, or Pro plan.

Basic is $24.90 per month. It offers manual trading, Telegram bot integration, trailing functionality, and simultaneous stop/take profit functionality.

The Intermediate plan is $32.90 per month. This adds fully automated trading to the Basic package’s features.

The Pro plan costs $59.90 per month. It includes all features from the previous two plans, as well as the Cornix App, Tradingview Pine Scripts integration, Tradingview alerts integration, and optimized channel configuration.