Coygo is a software suite for crypto arbitrage, trading, and more. Find out how it works and what features it offers in this comprehensive review.

Cryptocurrency trading may be daunting for beginners, and arbitrage even more so.

Opportunities can be fleeting: they’ll come and go within seconds. Experienced users understand that they need to act on these as soon as possible to avoid missing out. But novice traders can struggle to grasp the concept without support.

This is where trading tools come in. They can help newcomers get to grips with key functions while streamlining processes for seasoned traders.

Coygo is a San Diego-based company providing traders with a suite of tools, all designed to aid in crypto trading, arbitrage, and more.

We’ll cover three Coygo tools in this review: Terminal, Mobile, and Screener.


Coygo Terminal

This tool is available on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It gives users access to a centralized trading terminal for portfolio tracking, trading, arbitrage scanning, and more.

There’s no obligation to use API keys with Coygo Terminal: users can view its real-time insights, arbitrage scanning, Coygo Screener, and more without them.

However, any users who would prefer to connect their exchange accounts will get access to portfolio tracking, multi-exchange trading, and several other features.

The arbitrage scanner performs real-time spread calculation across multiple exchanges and trade pairs whenever order books are updated. One-click trading is available for acting on opportunities lasting for seconds only.

Coygo Mobile

Coygo Mobile is a version of Coygo Terminal built for smartphone browsers, so users can access their portfolio across all exchanges on their mobile device. Balances are updated each time Coygo Terminal is opened, as Coygo’s servers don’t store API keys. That means Coygo can’t update portfolios on demand.

Coygo Mobile also provides traders with real-time crypto market charts, with Bollinger Bands, RSI, and MACD indicators available immediately.

Coygo Screener

Coygo Screener can be found in Coygo Terminal and Mobile. It’s free to use, with no requirement for an account, and is intended to bring traders updated cryptocurrency prices at any time.

Search filters are available for finding the right coins to trade on a given day, such as “far from ATH”. Alternatively, users may prefer to create custom filters based on their personal preferences.

How Does it Work?

Coygo Terminal can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, and macOS from the main website.

Coygo provides new users with various resources to assist in their entry into crypto trading. Guides on the website cover setting up an account, using Coygo tool features in depth, and more.

These can be found in the “Sign Up” section of Coygo’s website. Information on day trading, Screener, indicators, and more are also available.


As mentioned above, exchange account credentials are stored encrypted on user hard drives, rather than Coygo’s servers. The company never has access to users’ exchange accounts.

How Much Does it Cost?

Various plans are available with Coygo.

The free plan provides real-time candlestick charts, technical analysis, coin searching/filtering with Screener, and more.

The Pro plan is available with a yearly subscription at $155 and a five-day free trial. A monthly subscription is $17 with the same free trial.

The Casual plan is $5 per week with a two-day free trial, or $1 per day with a one-day free trial.

Enterprise deals are available upon request.