Cryptohopper provides an integrated solution for conducting automated trading activities on some of the most popular crypto exchanges.

The platform is able to simultaneously control and execute trades both with manual oversight and through automatic tools. With Cryptohopper, coin sales/purchases become more flexible, and the platform still ensures investors will not miss many opportunities in the crypto markets.

Instead of keeping yourself glued to a trading terminal for as long as the coffee will keep you up, Cryptohopper lets you take time off, and does most of the work for you.

Cryptohopper Grows With Cryptos

The start of Cryptohopper goes back to 2017. Two Dutch brothers created the platform. One was a developer while the other obtained success in day trading. Together, they were the base that Cryptohopper was built upon.

The two brothers teamed up because they wanted to create a platform where people could do their trading constantly, but not actually spend all their time with a computer screen. Instead, their dream platform could place orders automatically, and the trader would be spending time on something more fulfilling.

To make the dream come true, the two brothers worked until they successfully invented a ‘bot’, which they called ‘hopper’ to do all the work.

Cryptohopper was born, its name meant ‘crypto’ that are manipulated by computed ‘hoppers’, which is an idea they came up with on their own. Since the launch of the company, their bots have undergone improvements to make them open to more data, and hopefully more accurate.

In a relatively short time, Cryptohopper has grown to be one of the most well-known trading bots that is available to crypto traders and investors all over the world.

Today, Cryptohopper offers a partially automated tool that works with 75 different cryptocurrencies. It facilitates trading through predefined plans, processes transactions based on collected signals, and also manages real-time performance analysis.

With Cryptohopper, everyone can start trading, and there are no boundaries in terms of either time or geography.

Loads of Coverage

Cryptohopper has drawn the attention of over 200,000 users and successfully completed more than 30 million crypto transactions. Moreover, the service has a high number of positive comments about its utility.

Though Cryptohopper doesn’t make any explicit commitment to bringing profit to every trader, its tools certainly are of immense help, and super convenient. These are probably some of the reasons why its fame keeps on growing.

Currently, Cryptohopper operates with a wide range of biggest coin exchange platforms, such as Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Polniex, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin. The company is continuing to establish partnerships with other popular processors, like HitBTC or Cobinhood.

Thanks to that, users can run their portfolios on multiple platforms and diversify their investment strategies. It also makes it easy to get into the platform, and not worry about jumping to another exchange later on.

Pricing and Included Features

One of the best things about Cryptohopper is that the platform provides a completely free version, which is called the Pioneer package.

Of course, there are certain limits for free accounts, as they only contain a couple of core features, such as manual trading, portfolio management, and have a limit of 20 positions.

Otherwise, visitors can choose to spend 7 days experimenting with higher service plans without any charge. After the trial has ended, they can proceed to select one of three plans to start an official trading account.

The three types of subscription on Cryptohopper include:

  • Starter plan for Explorer: This is the most basic paid plan, offered at $14 USD monthly. The Starter plan opens the door for up to 80 positions, 15 selected cryptocurrencies, 2 triggers per month along with a simulated auto bot. Traders using the 7-day trial program will experience all features from this plan.
  • Trader plus package for Adventurer: An upgraded version that comes at $49 USD/month. In this plan, users can place a maximum of 200 positions, 50 selected coins, and 5 monthly triggers
  • Pro plan for Hero: The highest premium account costs $99 USD a month, offering full access to 500 positions, a maximum number of 75 cryptos and 10 triggers a month. It also activates all advanced functions, such as all coin signals, strategy indicators, or triangular arbitrage.

While only paid plans are able to utilize auto trading bots and other extra tools like TA Scan Interval (it’s notable that the higher plan, the quicker scan interval. In particular, the duration is 10 minutes for Explorer, 5 minutes for Adventurer and decreases to 2 minutes for Hero Hopper).

All accounts can take advantage of Cryptohopper’s regular functions and free help to its large community. Like any platform that has a free plan, you can start working with Cryptohopper, and decide later if you would like to pay for its services.

Great Settings

Cryptohopper focuses on building a system that is a snap to use, and even non-professionals can start their investing career without any sweat. The interface is simplified yet intuitive enough for novices, and still has loads of tools for pros.

There are resources that are always available to help, and they can be found at the top of the main page. Traders are likely to feel comfortable since Cryptohopper can be accessed from multiple devices. It’s super easy to connect and exchange coins on smartphones as the Cryptohopper app runs well on both iOS and Android.

The platform also gives day traders full power to control customization. Cryptohopper is a perfect combination of features from beginner to advanced levels, users can determine their strategies ahead or select from the marketplace then make proper modifications.

Experienced traders will be fond of changing default configurations to fit their own investment styles. Anyone can preset and adjust tools such as trailing orders, stop loss, take profit, auto close so as to best utilize Cryptohopper’s built-in functions.

Security in Place  

In terms of security, Cryptohopper is taking its best efforts to provide a safe environment for coin exchanges. It applies password encryption technology and API keys to lock down the client’ database. Like any good bot, Cryptohopper won’t have the ability to withdraw funds from your account.

At the same time, Cryptohopper’s traders can self-protect by using 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to preserve their personal login information and avoid any potential threats. Mobile app users can even strengthen the firewall by integrating a biometric unlocking mechanism.

Does Cryptohopper Make Good Returns?

Cryptohopper doesn’t guarantee that you will make money with its platform, and no honest bot could do such a thing. The fact is, the crypto market itself contains risks, and trading circumstances can change in just a few seconds’ time.

However, by using the tools offered by Cryptohopper, traders can be more relaxed when investing in digital currencies. There are many people who have made money with Cryptohopper, and you can find loads of reviews due to its popularity.