The Exchange Valet bot is an automated trading app that runs on the desktop of Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, with a good mix of features and functionality. 


Exchange Valet offers some useful tools for traders:

  • Stop loss and take profit. This feature is quite widely available. 
  • Limit panic sells, trailing stop-loss orders, and concurrent stop-loss/take-profit orders. You don’t always see this kind of functionality on offer, but Exchange Valet bot has it.
  • Speed Trade lets you move quickly on profitable opportunities before they disappear for good.
  • Pie charts to visually represent how your funds are divided up between assets.

The Exchange Valet platform gives newer cryptocurrency traders a good selection of educational resources, backed up by articles, FAQs, and tutorials. Traders can also connect their Discord and Telegram accounts to stay up to date with the latest news and information.

Exchange Valet Bot Pricing

While some automated trading bots come with different functionality depending on the price point, Exchange Valet bot keeps it simple. You can pay $29 for a month, $75 for three months, or subscribe for a full year at $250. Each of the packages is available on a 14-day trial and the functionality is the same whatever price point you choose.

Note that Exchange Valet is compatible with the Binance and Bittrex exchanges right now. This might be a bit limiting for automated cryptocurrency traders who would like more choice.

The Good and the Bad

The Good The Bad 
Simultaneous orderingText and email notificationsSuits all trader experience levelsNumerous extra featuresHelpful customer supportOnly two exchanges Ownership isn’t transparentApp download is required