HaasOnline has been in operation since 2014 and is officially called HaasOnline Trading Server (HTS). It has become a successful solution in trading automation for the cryptocurrency sector.

HaasOnline is a computer system that provides an automated trading service. The application can be downloaded from the official website, and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The app runs as a software on your computer after its installation.

Using the solutions HaasOnline offers, traders can buy and sell cryptocurrency on an automated basis. This can be achieved through predefined functions that analyze trends and make trading bot decisions.

This enables the program to automatically execute orders but ensures that there is a market assessment that has the likelihood of making a profit.

As a result, traders could engage the market quickly and speed up deals all day without relying on their own trading skills and time. They can exchange cryptocurrency under certain circumstances if they are away from their desks by simply settling their bots on different markets.

Automation of crypto market trading is not the only function that HaasOnline provides. It also allows traders to use other functions and creates possibilities for speculation by using its software.

HaasOnline’s Growing Reputation

HaasOnline is highly rated among the most popular cryptocurrency trading bots on the market. Some reports are positive about the overall functionality of the bots and users’ ability to benefit from default and automated services.

There are also some users who aren’t positive on the platform.

Yet in most cases, these users have turned out to be inexperienced traders who are either thrown off by the fairly complex design of the app or were expecting too much from the automatic and preset capabilities in terms of profit-making.

Apart from that, HaasOnline has generally received favorable feedback from other users and critics of the sector. Despite its complicated interface, the general features are reported to be very satisfactory for most people.

Which Exchanges are Supported?

Automated trading efficiency is based upon its flexibility. The number of crypto exchanges that are sponsored by a bot plays a major part in its value proposition.

Fortunately for HaasOnline, the bot deals quite impressively with this aspect. This platform deals almost exclusively with the cryptocurrency futures markets.

There are currently 21 crypto exchanges available, including leading names in the room for digital properties.

This list demonstrates a few exchanges that HaasOnline users can choose from:

  • Coinbase Pro
  • Binance
  • Bitfinex
  • BitMEX
  • Bitstamp
  • Bittrex
  • Deribit
  • Gemini
  • HitBTC
  • Huobi
  • Kraken Futures
  • KuCoin
  • OKCoin
  • OKEX

HaasOnline also supports several crypto trading pairs or markets. Traders should find no difficulty buying and selling any cryptocurrencies approved by their chosen exchange.

How Much Does it Cost?

HaasOnline has established its name not only as a tool for several major exchanges but also as a premium trading tool.

In addition to the high costs, HaasOnline distinguishes its rivals by the fact that it has priced its rates in Bitcoin instead of charging users in USD or any other fiat currency.

This also ensures that those who choose to use the resources of the network do not have to use the credit or debit cards to cover their expenses. Bitcoin needs to be transferred through their wallets, which should be very easy.

HaasOnline provides three separate service plans of differing validity periods. These plans change according to the length of the validity license selected.

All these plans come with unrestricted access to the exchanges offered and provide support for chat and tickets. They also come with their own restrictions on different order limits, signals, and key features in addition to the most expensive scheme.

In comparison with other services that often provide wider access to their features, HaasOnline’s offerings are also complex and detailed.


This strategy comes with 10 bots trading at the same time. It gives access to 11 insurances, 10 safeguards, and generates over 20 indicators.

The 3-month license arrives at BTC 0.025; 6 months at BTC 0.045; while the 12-month license is available at BTC 0.66.


This strategy has 20 simultaneous solutions for speculation, with limited access to certain bots. It provides access to 13 insurances, 20 safeties, through over 40 indicators.

The 3-month license is available at a price of BTC 0.044; 6 months at BTC 0.079; and 12 months at BTC 0.114.


This is the most comprehensive HaasOnline plan and has access to all the platform-supported functions and apps.

For this package, a 3-month license costs 0.072 BTC, a 6-month license fee 0.129 BTC, and a 12-month license comes at 0.187 BTC.

Is HaasOnline Easy to Use?

When it comes to ease of use, HaasOnline doesn’t come away looking like the easiest bot in the market.

The platform can be especially challenging for novice traders who require simple interfaces that can be easily implemented and ordered. The service comes with a user interface (UI) that traditionally designed, and it requires users to be acquainted with advanced tools. The design is compatible with other applications.

In other words, HaasOnline’s options and visual indicators are comprehensible and built to be used by professionals. But for those who still learn the trade, there’s plenty to be desired.

This complexity can be overcome for new traders: HaasOnline provides a documentation section that extensively explains the features of the platform. The platform and the different choices it has been beneficial for anyone who wants to get acclimatized.

New traders must gain knowledge and be confident before getting into the world of new terminologies and complex trading mechanisms.

But even newcomers can surely learn all of the new information while using HaasOnline software if they are confident enough with your existing knowledge and learning ability. Given that the decision entails its own chance of losing money when studying, it depends entirely on your discretion.

Settings and Features

In addition to automatically buying and selling, HaasOnline offers advanced options for supported trade.

One of the most important options remains inter-exchange arbitration, which allows traders to play cryptocurrency prices across various exchanges.

Others include historical and real-time backtesting of orders; the creation of preorders at certain basic values; and technical assessment. Buying and ordering are accompanied by several settings such as stop-loss orders.

However, as HaasOnline bundles this into a complex price package, each plan should be analyzed against its own specific offer before you decide on what would work best for you.

HaasOnline’s Beginner and Simple Plans come with limited access which also decreases traders’ capacity to use the correct types of orders.

With this in mind, the specifics of the pricing plan that you are about to select are a good idea to check and see what the restrictions are in place.

Keeping You Safe

HaasOnline might be not easy to use, but this does not make it less reliable than other trading bot offerings.

The bot runs on a private server and advises traders to maintain their API for their assets. This reduces the number of threat actors to a minimum.

HaasOnline suggests that users allow 2FA authentication to their accounts as an additional measure of protection. This offers an additional safety layer for the overall system.

Does HaasOnline Make Money?

No matter how advanced the development of bot becomes, it’s impossible to look for a guarantee of profitability. Indeed, if any service provides you with guaranteed profits, it will not fulfill its promises.

You can only get so far with market predictions, as the trends in the market are changing all the time. Like traditional markets, you don’t know how much money you can get from a few hours, days, or weeks of trading. HaasOnline is not an exception.

Whilst the platform offers all noticeable excellent tools to its users, it does not guarantee profitability with automated trading mechanisms. That is understandable and no different from other bot platforms.

But what makes the profitability of HaasOnline a big question mark is the initial cost traders need to spend on using the platform.

With a large number of preset strategies and options that are difficult to customize, this applies in particular to new traders who start in space and need some time to develop their stripes.

For professional traders, the question of profitability persists.

It is only rational for day traders to choose to make a profit after investing a huge deal on the subscription alone. However, the profit isn’t be guaranteed given the market mechanisms. Many people can have an algorithm that works optimally, while others cannot.