Our HodlBot review answers all the questions you need to ask before you start using this popular crypto trading bot. Discover the costs, benefits, & more.

  1. HodlBot: What it is and How it Works
  2. How Easy is HodlBot to Use?
  3. How Safe is HodlBot?
  4. How Much Does HodlBot Cost?
  5. What Support is Available?

Automatic bots are a popular tool among crypto traders, helping to solve two common problems: a lack of time and speed.

These trading bots can be configured to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the same way that humans do, without being restricted by such basic human desires as the need to eat and sleep.

Trading bots aren’t subject to specific working hours, either: they can analyze the market and place orders round the clock. They’re always quick, and they’re always efficient.

Looking at these major benefits, it’s no surprise that cryptocurrency trading bots are so common. Yet while bots are designed to complete similar goals, their features and functions differentiate one from the other.

HodlBot is one of the most popular options available to cryptocurrency traders, but what is it and what features does it offer? Find out in our HodlBot review below.

HodlBot: What it is and How it Works

HodlBot can be customized at length, allowing users to diversify and rebalance their portfolios automatically. It enables users to build their own custom portfolios and conduct market indexing, with a tighter focus on rebalancing and indexing than signals and technical trading (unlike many other trading bots).

To implement HodlBot, users need to plug it into their exchange account and utilize the API to complete orders. It includes the following features:


HodlBot provides traders with access to detailed historical data for comprehensive backtesting. When you’ve picked your pre-built index or created your own, you can start backtesting the strategy to evaluate its efficiency.

To do this, you need to run a strategy with historical market conditions to evaluate how it performs. A successful outcome means it’s highly likely to bring you the same results in present, similar conditions.


This is a low-cost, passive way to invest. It enables you to diversify your personal portfolio to suit the market, usually requiring you to weight your portfolio based on the top crypto coins’ market capitalization. The aim is to capture the market’s average return.

An index can be difficult to beat, and almost all traders struggle to do so long-term. With HodlBot, traders can index the market using indices made earlier, ranging from HODL10 to HODL30. You can make your own indices if the pre-made options don’t appeal to you.

Automatic rebalancing

With HodlBot, you can realign your portfolio asset weighting as required, after a certain period of time. Rebalancing helps to keep your portfolio on track, as portfolios can drift from their target allocations as the market moves.

The rebalancing period can be customized, to help protect investors from exposure to certain risks. As well as mitigating risks, rebalancing can generate better returns.

HodlBot offers other features, too, such as support for dollar-cost averaging and portfolio tracking.

How Easy is HodlBot to Use?

One of the key advantages of HodlBot is its user-friendly interface: the majority of crucial factors appear on the home screen’s dashboard, so you gain a clear insight into your portfolio’s status at a glance.

It’s quick and easy to sign up to HodlBot, and you can connect to your supported exchanges via relevant APIs easily. It’s obvious that the team behind the scenes developed HodlBot with an eye on effective portfolio management.

Overall functionalities can be configured and executed simply, which is fantastic for new traders looking to focus on portfolio management.

How Safe is HodlBot?

HodlBot adheres to the industry’s standard security practices, such as using a secured web server configuration through HTTPS. This ensures HodlBot boasts backed encryption and is capable of protecting API keys from users trying to gain unauthorized access.

HoldBot recommends that users avoid allowing withdrawals via API keys: this makes sure that hackers are unable to withdraw user funds if they were to take control of their account. The Two Factor Authentication provides an extra security layer, for added peace of mind.

How Much Does HodlBot Cost?

  • Free trial for seven days
  • Paid subscription begins at $3 per month when Account Value is under $500
  • Paid subscription is $6 per month when Account Value is $500 to $1000
  • Paid subscription is $14 per month when Account Value exceeds $1000

What Support is Available?

HodlBot offers an in-depth documentation area — wiki — designed to help users get the most out of the platform. It’s a fantastic resource for newcomers who want to learn how HodlBot works quickly.

This area is also used to respond to queries from users, so questions are usually answered fairly fast. The HodlBot team is active on its social media accounts, too, interacting with users directly. You may submit questions or address concerns via email, if you prefer.