What is HyperTrader? What features does it offer? How much will it cost you? Find the answers to these and other key questions in our HyperTrader review!

Crypto exchanges don’t usually provide users with advanced trading tools. Traditionally, they aim to offer a matching engine and data related to trading.

This is gradually changing, though, as demonstrated by HyperLinq’s HyperTrader native desktop app.

But what can users expect when they choose HyperTrading? What security measures does it implement to protect data and funds? And how much does it cost?

Find out below.


HyperTrader provides users with a number of features, catering to both professional and beginner traders.

These include flexibility to add several accounts from various exchanges into the same portfolios, and the ability to monitor coin performance in said portfolios. Multiple accounts from the same exchange can be added, and an in-built crypto screener is available.

Traders can also utilize the TradingView chart integration, update live orders with no need to cancel from the charts, and gain trading performance insights with in-depth PnL analysis.

The following spot exchanges are available with HyperTrader: Binance, Binance JE, Binance US, Coinbase Prime, Coinbase Pro, and KuCoin.

Additional features will be incorporated into HyperTrader in the future. These include copy trading, bot trading, a strategy builder, and a signals marketplace.

How Does it Work?

To start using HyperTrader, traders should download and install the application. They will be invited to enter their email to proceed.

Users can connect their account with one of the exchanges supported, using their API keys. The app will automatically gather data and prepare PnL analysis, track the user’s portfolio, and open positions. Users can begin managing orders and trades once their account is connected.

HyperTrader has been designed to be accessible to traders at different levels, including newcomers. The user interface (UI) is fairly streamlined: information presented is typically based on necessity, with a limited number of layout configurations.

Existing live orders can be updated quickly, and all open orders are displayed directly on charts. These may be dragged up or down to update prices, as needed.

HyperTrader will also calculate breakeven points for trades automatically, with fees included. This is an alternative to copy and pasting trades to a spreadsheet when trying to understand position closures and loss mitigation.


HyperLinq apps don’t rely on passwords. Instead, they use email for user identity verification. All user data is encrypted at rest and while in transit.

HyperTrader also offers two-factor authentication.

How Much Does it Cost?

Traders can use HyperTrader with a yearly or monthly subscription:

  • An annual subscription is charged at $20.97 per month
  • A monthly subscription is charged at $29.95 per month

A 21-day free trial is available for newcomers.