ProfitTrailer was launched in 2017, and has become known as a decent crypto trading bot for beginners. It receives regular updates from its creator, providing users with extra functions over time.

In this ProfitTrailer review, we’ll take a close look at the bot’s features, cost, and all the other key details you need to know.


One of ProfitTrailer’s most recognized features is the ProfitTrailer Feeder. Users can monitor a number of strategies for buying and selling, with customizable settings. This is affected by varying market conditions, such as volatility and coin’s value across a 24-hour period.

Traders may transition from one ProfitTrailer strategy to another and explore their capabilities. They can combine multiple strategies too.

The pairing feature is similar to filtering, but strategies can be combined while others remain blocked. Traders may stay updated on the coins they’ve purchased and understand how many they should sell to gain a profit.

The Dollar Cost Averages feature cuts out low-value coins and lets users apply limits to buy times. The Price Trailer feature identifies the lowest coin rates possible.

How Does it Work?

ProfitTrailer provides traders with various buy and sell strategies, such as CDA, RSI, BB, SMA, MACD, and more. Beginners may utilize the demo account option to explore the bot and understand how it functions without making live trades.

The ProfitTrailer Wiki is the platform’s resource, in which users may get a deeper insight into ProfitTrailer’s functionality.

The dashboard is designed with a minimalist style, and different categories are presented in a neatly organized manner. Traders can use the volume filter to automatically blacklist certain low-value/undesirable coins as needed.


ProfitTrailer utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to maintain user privacy.

How Much Does it Cost?

ProfitTrailer provides the following plans:

Signals Edition is available from £25 per month.

Basic is £39 per month. Basic with VPS is £54 per month.

Advanced is £59 per month. Advanced with VPS is £99 per month.