What is Quadency? Learn everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency trading platform in our Quadency review, covering key features, costs, and more.

  1. Quadency Review: What it is and How it Works
  2. How Easy is Quadency to Use?
  3. How Safe is Quadency to Use?
  4. How Much Does Quadency Cost?
  5. What Support is Available?

Cryptocurrency exchanges can be fairly ungenerous in the range of tools they offer traders. Generally, their focus is on supporting basic types of orders — and that can be frustrating for traders looking for a more advanced range of options.

Fortunately, crypto trading bots can solve this problem, as they provide traders with a variety of helpful tools, making them an excellent complement to exchanges.

Bots are designed to cover numerous order types to accommodate the needs of almost any trader, catering to diverse preferences. Each has its own features and tools which give it a competitive edge.This increased convenience and variety has led to a rise in the amount of cryptocurrency traders using automated bots.

And Quadency is one of the most popular options available, but what is it? How does it work? Find out in our Quadency review!

Quadency Review: What it is and How it Works

Quadency is designed to be a comprehensive trading platform. It’s incredibly user-friendly and welcoming to newcomers, which has helped it achieve its impressive popularity.

Users can access ready-made and custom trading bots, offering simplified functionality: all you need to do is choose your bot, adjust the parameters to suit your goals, perform a little backtesting, and go live when you feel the bot’s ready.

With Quadency, traders can link a number of cryptocurrency exchanges yet still conduct automatic trades from one place. As a unified platform, Quadency makes trading efficient, easy, secure, and intelligent. It suits professional traders well, particularly those who require quality tools for technical analysis.

The key features include:

Custom and pre-made trading bots: With Quadency, traders can automate their trading of exchange holdings, with pre-made strategies which are updated on a regular basis. You can choose a strategy that catches your eye, customize it, run backtesting, and put it to work on your behalf. This is a short, simple process, and traders with experience of programming can code their own strategies courtesy of the in-built Python IDE features.

All-in-one functionality: Quadency’s users can conduct trades across all well-known exchanges from a single platform. It includes an intuitive interface and features accommodating both automated and manual trading.

Get smart suggestions: Quadency includes a feature known as Smart Suggest. This enables you to search for successful configurations of the bot you’re using and copy them, so you can find profitable parameters created by the Hyper-Parameter Optimization Engine. Once you’ve picked the right configuration for your goals, you can assign it to your bots.

Bots ready to use: You can choose from various ready-made trading bots, such as Market Maker, Bollinger Bands, Inclouds Grid Trader, Accumulator Bot, and more.

Strategy coding: With Quadency, you have the option to code custom bots using the popular Python language. Program real-time, event-based or candle-based algorithms for various strategies, suited to multi-market and multi-exchange applications.

Custom strategy requests: If you’re struggling to code a strategy yourself, you can request one from the Quadency team. They’ll send it to your account when it’s ready.

Analyze portfolios easily: With the portfolio analysis feature, you can monitor all of your cryptocurrency assets and track ongoing performance. Quadency shows transactions, balances, and orders when you connect your exchange accounts to your bot. Having your portfolio displayed in one screen is a major benefit to reduce risks and stay on top of balance changes while you trade.

Charting for deep insights: Quadency allows you to gain insights into your portfolio performance and more with advanced charting. It uses integrated charts and market screeners, along with in-depth streaming data.

How Easy is Quadency to Use?

Quadency’s intuitive interface makes it welcoming to newcomers: you’ll find it easy to track your portfolio, integrate different exchange accounts, and leverage automated bots via connected accounts. Furthermore, the software has no requirements regarding the hardware you install it on, so it’s widely accessible.

Thanks to the simple setup process, you don’t need a high level of technical expertise to get Quadency running and to use it properly. There’s a comprehensive knowledge base packed with answers to various questions, so it’s a great choice for beginners and experienced traders alike.

How Safe is Quadency to Use?

Quadency puts you in total control, as the best cryptocurrency trading bots do. It has restricted access to your exchange account through API, and the bot is permitted to trade without being able to withdraw your funds. Balances remain with your exchange account for your peace of mind.

On top of the extensive security and encryption, Quadency utilizes Two Factor Authentication, helping to protect your account as well as your personal data.

How Much Does Quadency Cost?

Holder package — free

Pro package — $49 per month

Institutional package — customizable rates available

What Support is Available?

Quadency’s support is incredibly impressive. It doesn’t rely on support tickets: users are encouraged to interact with the support team through the website’s live chat function instead.

You can also contact the team through mail, and social media channels (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram).