Discover the benefits of Stacked in our Stacked review, as we take a comprehensive look at this popular cryptocurrency trading platform.

  1. Stacked: What it is and How it Works
  2. How Easy is Stacked to Use?
  3. How Safe is Stacked to Use?
  4. How Much Does Stacked Cost?
  5. What Support is Available?

A crypto trading bot is a fantastic tool built to help you profit on the highly-volatile cryptocurrency market. These automated trading programs empower investors with a range of features and tools that streamline their trading routines.

A wide variety of bots have been created since they first started to appear, each with different features, security, costs, and functionality. Certain bots will suit your crypto trading more than others, and Stacked is one of the most popular options available.

But how does it work? Find out in our Stacked review.

Stacked: What it is and How it Works

The Stacked trading platform enables traders to invest in cryptocurrency indices, gain access to bots, and automate management of their portfolio. It’s one of the few options which offers pre-built indices (indexes) that assist traders in effective portfolio structuring.

As Stacked is designed to link to existing exchange accounts, users can designate a portion of their portfolio to a pre-established index of coins easily. All it takes is a couple of clicks.

On top of all this, Stacked users can subscribe to bots created by fellow traders, connecting their account to a strategy made by a successful trader instantly. All bots available on Stacked have in-depth performance histories — there are no misleading details to throw you off.

With Stacked, traders can:

Use pre-built strategies

Stacked gives you access to various bots which have been created by leading traders, and link your account to these strategies for automated trading. The bots open and close positions on your exchange (both short and long). You can establish stop loss and take profit for additional control, and every bot has an in-depth performance history for you to study.

Use automated rebalancing

Stacked incorporates a high-quality engine for backtesting, showing you the most valuable historical rebalancing strategies for your portfolio. You can activate rebalancing immediately, and can adjust asset weightings in your portfolio. This comprises selling or buying assets from time to time, for preserving a good level of asset risk or diversification.

Use pre-made indexes

Uncertain how proper cryptocurrency portfolio structuring works? This is the right feature for you. You can allocate a portfolio percentage to a pre-made coin index easily and quickly, all of which are checked for authenticity. You’re free to invest as much or as little as you like.

How Easy is Stacked to Use?

The Stacked team claims its main goal was to make cryptocurrency trading less complicated for traders with diverse types of experience. That’s why its pre-made indices and bots are some of the most user-friendly available.

Stacked has also been made to be intuitive, with the key features easy to find as soon as you need them. You can begin trading in a few easy steps: just open an account, link your exchange, and choose an existing portfolio or link a bot.

How Safe is Stacked to Use?

Stacked has been developed with a focus on safety and security for all users. As the bot is non-custodial, all your cryptocurrencies stay on the exchange. The platform utilizes API keys to distribute instructions to exchange accounts for executing trades, and the software’s access to your account is restricted.

As a result, it’s able to conduct trades only, and can’t withdraw any of your assets.

How Much Does Stacked Cost?

Investors can use Stacked’s index, rebalancing, and portfolio tools free of charge. But the pre-built bots vary in cost, as their creators dictate the subscription prices.

What Support Channels are Available?

A live chat tool is available with Stacked, running on Intercom. This connects you to the platform’s support team, who will answer your questions or accept your feedback. If you want to answer a question yourself, you can type it into the live chat box to receive an automated response. Live chat operates Monday to Friday.

The Stacked support team is available through social media, too. An FAQ Section is included on the platform, covering common questions about both Stacked and cryptocurrency trading in general.