Automated trading with Profit Sharing

Find pro traders to manage your crypto and pay only when you make a profit

How it works

  1. You choose from more than 100 pro traders in our marketplace, based on their performance, strategy, and historical results.
  2. Invest from $1 USD. Allocate funds to as many traders as you want, this way you will diversify your portfolio without any extra costs.
  3. Trade on autopilot. Let the pros do the work and pay them only when you make profits.

High risk, high rewards

Futures are advanced financial instruments that allow traders to use leverage and short positions to maximize their gains. But don’t forget, big gains come with big risks.

  • Leverage multiplies the profit (or losses) by 10x
  • Short positions generate gains when prices drop

The smart move

  • Maximize the gains and minimize risks by letting pro traders use the magic of futures for you.
  • Allocate funds to multiply traders to diversify your portfolio and further reduce risk.
  • Keep some funds in spot (regular trading), no need to go all in.
BTC/USDT– 4.2%
Long– 4.2%
Short+ 4.2%
Short with 5x leverage+ 21%

In case you were wondering


We don’t hold your funds
The assets are secured on the exchange side. Zignaly Exchange is part of the Binance Broker program and is protected by their SAFU fund.


Traders risk their own funds
In order to participate and be listed in the marketplace, the traders are using their own money, to assure good risk management.


Support team available 24/7
Reach us anytime, we’re always there to help. We have available support reps in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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How safe is Zignaly?
Your funds are protected by Binance’s SAFU fund, which runs under the Binance Broker program. We use encrypted data and 2FA to ensure the highest level of security for your data.

Do I need to deposit funds?
It’s optional and depends on the service. Profit sharing does require a deposit on a Zignaly exchange account. This service uses the Binance Broker Program. Your funds will always be on Binance.

How much profit can I expect?
Although we can’t guarantee any profits, you can expect to make higher profits than by just holding your crypto since you’re copying professional traders. That’s especially true during a bear market (when prices fall) since professional traders simply short the market when they expect prices to drop.

Is Zignaly easy to use?
Using Zignaly is much easier than trading on Binance or Coinbase. All you need to do is decide which trader to copy, and under which model. After allocating the investment amount, the rest is automated.

Zignaly in the press

Zignaly raises USD 3 Million in private sale to launch NFT-Based insurance protocol powered through their native utility token Zigcoin!


Zignaly has built a business to leverage the social predisposition of humans to lower the barrier of entry to cryptocurrency trading.


Zignaly has created an environment where trading platforms, users and expert traders can benefit from one anothers input while contributing to.”